HC Deb 24 May 1833 vol 18 c65

Papers ordered. On the Motion of Colonel LEITH HAY, a Copy of the Appointment of the present Solieitor of Excise for Scotland, and the Amount of his Salary and Emoluments; as also that of all Excise Officers during the last seven years, and how the rest of the Sum allowed to the Excise Office is Employed.—On the Motion of Mr. LAMBERT, a Continuation of former Reports, relative to the Reform of Parliament (Ireland) Act: also of the several Sums of Money issued and advanced by the LORD LIEUTENANT of Ireland out of the Consolidated Fund upon Application of Ecclesiastical persons, or Persons entitled to Tithes or Composition of Tithes: also a List of the Barristers Retained or Engaged to Prosecute Petitions' before the LORD CHANCELLOR of Ireland, and other Authorities, for the Recovery of the value of Tithes, or of Tithe Compositions, the Fees paid to them, and other Matters or Proceedings relating thereto.—On the Motion of the Earl of KERRY, an Account of the Number of Schools in each Town or Parish; adding all Particulars concerning such Schools: also Papers relative to the late General Election.—On the Motion of Mr. PEASE, for Information received from his Majesty's Consuls resident at Havre de Grace, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Hamburgh, relative to the Amounts charged as Duties, or Municipal Imposts on Policies for Marine Insurances at the said Ports respect ively.—On the Motion of Mr. EWART, an Account of the Exportation and Importation of Metal Clocks and Watches, since the year 1825.—On the Motion of Mr. ORD, an Account of the Number of Stamps issued to each Provincial Newspaper in England, in the year ending 1st April, 1833.

Petitions presented. By Mr. GOULBURN, from Cambridge, against the Church Temporalities (Ireland) Bill.—By Mr. THOMAS MARSLAND, from Stockport, for Poor Laws to Ireland.—By Mr. SIRING RICE, from Limerick, for Relief from the taking of Oaths.—By Mr. ABERCROMBY, from Edinburgh, against Nocturnal Legislation.—By Mr. EWING, from Glasgow; and Mr. ABERCROMBY, from the Convention of the Royal Burgh of Scotland, against the Royal Burghs (Scotland) Bill.—By Mr. EMERSON TENNEMT, from the Hand-loom Weavers of Belfast; and by Mr. GILLON, from those of Whitburn, for a Board of Trade, and for Relief.—By Mr. HUTT, from Kingston-upon-Hull, for the Repeal of the Stamp Duty on Marine Insurances—By Dr. LUSHINGTON, from Bromley, St. Leonard's, for Poor Laws to Ireland; and for an Alteration in of the Law relative to Catholic Marriages; and from Mile End Old Town, against the Police Offices (London) Bill—By Lord ORMELIE, Sir J. DALRYMPLE, Sir R. VAUGHAN, Sir E. HAYES, and Messrs, HARVEY, ROTCH, E. BULWER, T. ATTWOOD, W. ROCHE, GILLON, TURNER, ABERCROMBY, C. CAVENDISH, E. TENNENT, and Mr. Serjeant PERRIN, from a great Number of Places,—for the Immediate Abolition of Slavery.—By Earl GROSVENOR, Sir E. HAYES, an HON. MEMBER, and Messrs. HARVEY, HALYBURTON, LEFROY, EWING, and ROTCH, from several Places,—for the Better Observance of the Sabbath.—By Dr. LUSHINGTON, from the Coal whippers on the River Thames, for a Regulation of their Wages.—By Lord ORMELIE, from Newtown, Pitcairns, for the Abolition of the Corn Laws.—By Mr. PRYME, from Cambridge, for granting to the Inhabitants at Large the Right of Choosing their own Magistrates.—By Mr. E. L. BULWER, from Lincoln; and by Dr. LUSHINOTON, from the Inhabitants of the old Artillery Ground,—against the House and Window Taxes.—By Mr. E. L. BULVVER, from several Places, against the Disturbances (Ireland) Bill; and from Dartford and Crayford, for Restoring Poland to an Independent State.—By Mr. ROTCH, from the Inhabitants of Holborn, Oxford Street, &c., for Better Regulating the Public Carriages in the Metropolis; from the Magistrates of Middlesex, against the Sale of Boer Act. By Mr. HARVEY, from Chichester, for Relief to the Dissenters from their present Grievances relative to Registration, Marriage, and Church Rates; and from Colchester, for Exempting from Rates all Places exclusively appropriated to Divine Worship; and from the same Place, for Providing for the Registration of Births and Burials.