HC Deb 03 May 1833 vol 17 c907

Papers ordered. On the Motion of Lord HOWICK, an Account of all Offices Abolished in the Colonies, or of which the Emoluments have been reduced between November 22nd, 1830, and April 3rd, 1853, and of other means taken to reduce the Expenditure incurred by the said Colonies.

Bills. Read a first time:—Juries (Ireland); Privy Council.

Petitions presented. By Mr. HODGES, from Gondhurst, for the Repeal or Amendment of the Sale of Beer Act.—By Viscount CASTLEREAGH, Sir ANDREW AGNEW, General O'NEAL, Colonel GORE LANGTON, Major HANDLEY, Lord MANDEVILLE, Sir WILLIAM GUISE, Lord ROBERT MANNERS, Sir S. R. GLYNNE, and Mr. BYNG, Mr. G. SINCLAIR, Mr. JOHN SMITH, Mr. GROTE, Mr. GILLON, Mr. M'LEOD, Mr. HAWES, and Mr. ROEBUCK, from a Number of Places,—for the Better Observance of the Sabbath.—By General O'NEIL, Sir GEORGE STAUNTON, Sir CHARLES COOTE, Sir WILLIAM GUISE, Sir J. HANMER, Lord ROBERT MANNERS, and by Mr. HAWES, Mr. FAZAKERLEY, Mr. J. P. CHICHESTER, Mr. ATHERLEY, Mr. JOHN SMITH, Mr. M'LEOD, Mr. BYNG, Mr. HILL, Mr. W. EVANS, Mr. F. NORTH, Mr. SLANEY, Mr. GILLON, Mr. KEMYSS TYNTE, Mr. GREENE, Mr. C. RUSSELL, Mr. POULTER, and by Lord CAVENDISH, from a great many Places,—for the Abolition of Slavery.—By Mr. GILLON, from Lanark, and other Places, for Inquiry into the prevailing Distress: also from the Hand-loom Weavers of Airdrie, and Falkirk, and by Mr. BOLLING, from those of Bolton, for Inquiry and Relief.—By Mr. GILLON, from the Political Union of Kilmarnock; and by Mr. HILL, from Kingston-upon-Hull,—for a Repeal of the Septennial Act.—By Mr. GILLON, from Glasgow, Hamilton, and other Places, for severing the Connexion between Church and State.—By Mr. GILLON, from Kirkintilloch; by Mr. SINCLAIR, from Dyce, and other Places; and by Mr. M'LEOD, from Kincardine and Dollar,—for altering the present System of Church Patronage in Scotland.—By Mr. ROEBUCK, from Bristol; and by Mr. CLAY, from St. Mary, Whitechapel,—for Amending the Law relating to Imprisonment for Debt.—By General PALMER, Mr. KEMYSS TYNTE, Lord JOHN RUSSELL, and Mr. HARLAND, from several Places,—against the Assessed Taxes.—By Colonel GORELANGTON, Mr. BYNG, Mr. KEMYSS TYNTE, Mr. ESTCOURT, Sir W. GUISE, and Mr. CLAY, from several Places,—for the Repeal or Amendment of the Sale of Beer Act.—By Mr. CLAY, from the Inn and Tavern Keepers of the Metropolis, for Amending the Laws for granting Music Licenses.—By Mr. M'LEOD, from Kincardine, for Permission to Import Foreign Sugar to be Refined for Exportation.—By Mr. HILL, from Hull, for Vote by Ballot; and from the Guardian Society, Hull, for the Repeal of the Duty on Stamped Receipts.—By Sir S. R. GLYNNE, from Flint, for Poor Laws to Ireland.—By Mr. HAWES, from the Licensed Victuallers of Surrey, for Exemptions from Taxes now charged on their Premises.—By Mr. ATHERLEY, from Southampton; and Mr. BYNG, from Hanwell,—in favour of the Factories Regulation Bill.—By an HON. MEMBER, from Penzance, for Removing the Civil Disabilities of the Jews,