HC Deb 29 March 1833 vol 16 c1231

Papers ordered. On the Motion of Mr. SPRING HICE, the Amount Advertized by the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund to be applied for the discharge of Debt in each Quarter since October, 1831, and of the actual surplus or deficiency of the Revenue for the year, and the Amount really applied in each Quarter to the discharge of the Public Debt.—On the Motion of Mr. G. EVANS, a Return of the present Rates of Renewal Fines on Bishops Leases in the several Dioceses in the Kingdom of Ireland; stating the Number of Leases which have expired in each Diocese from the 1st of January, 1800, to the 1st of January, 1833.

Bill. Read a second time:—The Mutiny.

Petitions presented. By Admiral ADAM, Mr. PONSONRY, Mr. RICARDO, Mr. WYNN, Lord MILTON, and Lord ORMELIE; the LORD ADVOCATE, Sir RONALD FERGUSON, Mr. DAWSON, Mr. FOLEY, and Mr. GUEST, from a great Number of Places,—against Slavery.—By Admiral ADAM, from Leuchars; by Colonel LEITH HAY, Mr. BANNERMAN, and Lord ORMELIE, from a Number of Places in Scotland,—against the Existing System of Church Patronage in that Country.—By Mr. DAWSON, from Loughborough, for a Reduction of Taxation, and for the Repeal of the Corn Laws.—By Mr. BARNARD, from Deptford; Mr. Sheriff HUMPHERY, from St. Saviour's, Southwark; Mr. BANNERMAN, from Aberdeen; the LORD ADVOCATE, from Edinburgh; and by Mr. BULLER, from Sidmouth,—for a Repeal of the Assessed Taxes.—By Mr. HODGES, from Chatham; Mr. BANNERMAN, from Aberdeen; and by Colonel LEITH HAY, from Banff,—against the Duty on Soap.—By Lord GEORGE LENNOX, by Lord ORMELIE, by Mr. BANNERMAN, and Mr. BARNARD,—in favour of a Factories Regulation Bill.—By Mr. PONSONBY, from Swanage, praying for Relief for the Dissenters from their present Grievances.—By Sir ANDREW AGNEW, Lord ORMELIE, Mr. Sheriff HUMPHERY, the LORD ADVOCATE, Mr. GURST, Mr. BANNERMAN, Mr. R. WATSON, Mr. RICARDO, Mr. BUTLER, and Colonel LANGTON, from a great Number of Places,—for a Better Observance of the Sabbath—By Mr. PERRIN, Mr. J. H. TALBOT, Mr. C. A. WALKER, and Mr. M'LAUGHLIN, from several Places,—against Tithes.—By Mr. PERRIN, Mr. HUTT, Mr. GUEST, Mr. C. A. WALKER, Mr. GILLON, and Mr. COBBETT, from a great Number of Places,—against the Disturbances (Ireland) Bill.—By Mr. J. H. TALBOT, from New Ross, for granting the Inhabitants the privilege of Electing their own Magistrates and Local Authorities.—By Mr. O'DWYER, and Mr. J. H. TALBOT, from several Places, for a Repeal of the Union.—By Mr. WILLIAM ROCHE, from New Ross, for a Clause in the Bill enabling Grand Juries to borrow Money for Public Works.—By Mr. GUEST, from Honiton, against the Exactions of the Corporation of that Town—By Mr. C. A. WALKER, from Rosegarland and Inch, for Vote by Ballot.—By Mr. O'DWYER, from Drogheda, for a Repeal of the Game Act.—By Mr. GUEST, and MR. BULLER, from several Places,—against the Sale of Beer Act By Mr. GILLON, from three Places, complaining of Distress among the Hand-loom Weavers,—By the LORD ADVOCATE, from the Company of Merchants, Edinburgh, for a Reform in the Municipal Government and Local Taxation of that City.—By Mr. Sheriff HUMPHERY, from St. Saviour's, Southwark, to be Exempted from the Metropolitan Police Act.—By Sir RONALD FERGUSON, from the Frame-work Knitters of Lambley, Carlton, and other Places, for Relief from Taxation.—By Lord GEORGE LENNOX, from the Horsham Political Union, against Taxation.