HC Deb 22 March 1833 vol 16 c968

MINUTES. Papers ordered. On the Motion of Mr. Alder-man WOOD, an Account of the Quantity of Spirits imported, from Scotland and Ireland from October 1832, with the Amount of Duty paid thereon: also of the Quantity of Spirits on hand at different periods during the years 1832, and 1833: also an Account of the Duty paid in the United Kingdom on all sorts of Tobacco.

Bills. Read a first time:—Police Offices, London; and Payment of Debts.—Read a second time:—Public Revenue (Scotland); Small Debt Court (Scotland).—Read a third time:—Sugar Duties.

Petitions presented. By Mr. R. PALMER, from Wantage; by Mr. HARCOURT, from Chipping Norton, and Dukin-field; by Mr. J. E. STANLEY, Sir JOHN MAXWELL, Mr. G. J. HEATHCOTE, Mr. PEASE, and Lord WATERPARK, from several Places,—for the Abolition of Slavery.—By Mr. ROBERT PALMER, from Berkshire, Wantage, and other Places; by Mr. WILSON PATTEN, from Bury, and several other Places; by Lord WILLIAM LENNOX, from a Congregation at Kensington; by Lord VILLIERS, from Honiton; by Lord WATERPARK, from Norbury, and other Places; by Lord MOLYNEUX, from Southport; by Lord GRANVILLE SOMERSET, from Pontypool, and other Places; by Mr. PRYME, from Cambridge Town; by Mr. WILLIAM PETER, from Wolvey and Bodmin; and by Mr. HALLYBURTON, from Kirriemuir,—for the Better Observance of the Sabbath—By Mr. HENRY GRATTAN, from Kildaly, and other Places in Ireland, for the Abolition of Tithes, the Amendment of the Grand Jury Laws, and the Repeal of the Union.—By Lord EASTNOR, from Reigate, for a Repeal of the Duty on Malt and Hops.—By Lord STORMONT, from Earshain, Norfolk, for a Repeal of the Duty on Taxed Carts.—By Mr. PEASE, from South Shields, for Relief to the Dissenters.—By Mr. PRYME, from Belfast and Newry, for the Substitution of a Solemn Affirmation in all Cases where an Oath is now required by Law.—By Sir ROBERT Bateson, from the Presbyterian Church at Ballymeny, against the New System of Education in Ireland—By Mr. HALL, from Monmouth, and other Places; by Lord WILLIAM LENNOX, from King's Lynn; by Mr. HENRY GRATTAN, and by Mr. FITZGERALD, from many Places in Ireland,—against the Disturbances (Ireland) Bill—By Mr. G. J. HEATHCOTE, from Kirton, against the Labourers' Employment Act.—By Mr. Serjeant SPANKIR, from St. Luke's, Middlesex; and by Mr. G. J. HEATHCOTE, from a District of Lincoln' shire, against the Assessed Taxes.—By Sir JOHN MAXWELL, from Paisley, for a Reduction of the Stamp Duty on Indentures of Apprenticeship; and from the Handloom Weavers of Stonehouse, for a Board of Trade.—By Mr. J. E. STANLEY, from certain Soap Manufacturers, for a Repeal or Reduction of the Duty on Soap.—By Sir JOHN MAXWELL, from three Places in Scotland, and from Mr. ROBERT FERGUSON, from Dysart—against the present System of Church Patronage (Scotland).—By Mr. WILSON PATTEN, Mr. WILLIAM PETER, Mr. PEASE, and by Mr. ROBERT PALMER, from several Places, against the Beer Act.