HC Deb 14 March 1833 vol 16 c640

Papers ordered. On the Motion of Lord Howick, copies of the Charter for the Improvement of the Administration of Justice in Ceylon.

Petitions presented. By Mr. TOOKE, from St. Andrew's, Holborn for the Equalization of the Land Tax By Captain GORDON, from Aberdeen, for the Reduction of the Malt Duty; and from Huntley, for the Repeal of the Soap Duty; and from Frazerburgh,—for the Better Observance of the Sabbath.—By Mr. HUME, from certain Inhabitants of Edinburgh, from Spitalfields, and from the Political Union, Maidstone; by Mr. FRYER, from Bilston and Sedgeley; by Mr. THICKNESSE, from Wigan; by Mr. BROTHERTON, from Salford; by Mr. PEASE, from South Shields, and other Places; and by Sir WILLIAM Guisk, from Tewkesbury, and other Places,—against the Suppression of Disturbances (Ireland) Bill.—By Lord ARTHUR CHICHESTER, from Belfast, in favour of the Bill.—By Sir ROBERT INGLIS, from Albany, and from the Reverend J. Dennis, against the Church Reform Bill (Ireland).—By Mr. SHAW LEFEVRE, from Southampton, for an Inquiry into the General Distress.—By Mr. ROBERT STRUART, from Haddington; By Lord EBRINGTON, from Culmstock; by Mr. JOHN SMITH, from Stoney Stratford; by Colonel BAILIE, from Nairn; by Mr. PEASE, from Dissenters at Perth; by Sir JOHN DALRYMPLE, from Dalkeith, and from Edinburgh; by Mr. H. CURTEIS, from Hurstmonceaux and Hailsham; by Sir ANDREW ANDREW, from Rushmere and Playford,—for the Abolition of Slavery,—By Lord MILTON, from Buckland, Newton, and other Places; by Mr. SHAW LEFEVRE, from Odiham and Basingtoke; by Mr. ROBERT STBCART, from Haddington; by Mr. TOOKS, from Truro; and by Captain DUNLOP, from Greenock,—for the Better Observance of the Sabbath,—By Captain DUNLOP, from Kilmarnock, for the Repeal of the Corn Laws, for the Abolition of all Monopolies, and for the Abolition of Sinecures and unmerited Pensions.—By Mr. ROBERT WALLACE, from Greenock, for the Repeal of all Taxes on the Diffusion of Knowledge; and from Shipowners of Greenock, to admit Foreign Sugar to be imported for Re-fining.—By colonel CLIVE, from Hereford, for the Repeal of the House and Window Tax.—By Sir ANDREW AG-NE, from Cheltenham; and by Sir GRAY SKPWITH, from Harborough magna, against the Beer Act.—By Colonel BAILEY, from Forres; by Captain DUNIOP, from Port Glasgow; and by Mr. ROBERT WALLACE, from Soap Boilers in Greenock,—for the Repeal of the Duty on Soap. By Sir GRAY SKIPWITE, from the Political Union of Kenilworth, for the Repeal of Taxation.—By Mr. ROBERT GRANT, from Isaac Lyon Goldsmid, for the Abolition of the Disabilities of the Jews.