HC Deb 06 March 1833 vol 16 c284

Paper ordered. On the Motion of Mr. O'DWVER, the Names, offices, and Salaries of all the Members of the privy Council (Ireland).

Bills. Read a first time:—Limitation of Actions; Curtesy of England; Dower; and Inheritance.

Petitions presented. By Lord SANDON, from Soap Boilers of Liverpool; and by Lord DALMENY, from Soap Boilers of Dunfermline,—to Abolish the Duties on soap.—By Lord SANDON, from Stone, for the Repeal of the Sale of Beer Act.—By Lord ASHLEY, from Huddersfield, Barldon, Pudsey, Radcliffe, and Pilkington; from Bleachers in Renfrew, Lanark and Dumbartonshire; by Lord ROBERT MANNERS, from Sheeps-head; by Mr. W DUNCOMBE, from Earls-Herton, Halifax, and Thornton,—in favour of the Factories Bill.—By Lord ASHLEY, from St. Luke's, and various other Places; by Mr. PAUL THOMPSON, from several Places in the County of York and by Colonel DAVIKS, from Worcester,—for the Bettor Observance of the Sabbath By Mr. CHARLES WOOD, from Halifax; and by Mr. PAUL THOMPSON, from Great Driffield,—for the Repeal of the Assessed Taxes.—By Lord DALMENY, from Bushy; and by Mr. CHARLES WOOD, from Halifax,—for the Abolition of slavery.—By Mr. MORGAN O'CONNELL, from Parishes in Meath; and by Mr. VIGORS, from Raphoe and several other Places in Ireland,—against the Suppression of Disturbances (Ireland) Bill.