HC Deb 27 June 1833 vol 18 c1254

Papers ordered. On the Motion of Mr. VERNON SMITH, a Copy of the Royal Warrant for Appointing Viscount MELVILLE Keeper of the Privy Seal in Scotland, dated 1st December, 1814.—On the Motion of Mr. G. F Young, an Account of Payments made out of the Consolidated Fund, under the Act 39th George 3rd, cap. 69, and other Acts for the Improvement of the Port of London: also of the Sums paid by the West-India Dock Company, and other Companies into the Exchequer; and also the Sum awarded to the Crown as Compensation for the Estate and Interest in the Mooring Chain of the River Thames.

Petitions presented. By Mr. JERNINGHAM, from Pontefract, against the General Register Bill.—By Mr. LESTER, from Harberton, against the Tithes Commutation Bill.—By Sir WILLIAM INGILBY, from two Places, for Repeal of the Malt Tax; and from four other Places, for the Immediate Abolition of Slavery, without Compensation.—By Colonel LEITH HAY, from Elgin, against the Bankrupt (Scotland) Bill.—By Mr. PEASE, from Masters and Seamen Employed in the Port of Stock ton-upon-Tees, against Merchant Seamen's Sixpences.—By the same, from the same Place; and by Lord ASHLEY, from Cirencester, against the proposed Arrangement with the Bank.—By Mr. SINCLAIR, from St. Fergus, for Amending the System of Church Patronage in Scotland.—By Earl JERMYN, from Bury St. Emund's, in favour of the Rating of Tenements Bill.—By Colonel EVANS, from the Retailers of Beer at Rye, to be placed on a Footing with the Licensed Victuallers.—By Sir WILLIAM CHAYTOR, from the Notaries of Poole and Sunderland, against the Notaries Public Bill.—By Mr. COBBETT, from Oldham, against the Rating of Tenements Bill.