HC Deb 19 June 1833 vol 18 c993

Papers ordered. On the Motion of Mr. FRANCIS BARING, an Account of the Number of Persons who have obtained Certificates from the Society of Apothecaries to practise as such in England and Wales, in each year, from 29th March, 1825: of the Money received by the Society for such Certificates, and how appropriated, during the same period: and of the Number of Prosecutions for Penalties: also what Sums have been Expended in support of a Botanical Garden, Lectures, and other Means for promoting the Knowledge of Botany, Materia Medica, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Bills. Read a third time. On the Motion of Mr. SPRING RICE, Woollen Trade Act Repeal; National Debt; Dwelling House Robbery.—Committed;—Parochial Rates Exemption.

Petitions presented. By Sir ROBERT INGLIS, from Borough-bridge, Diocese of Chester, against the Church Temporalities (Ireland) Bill.—By Mr. LITTLETON, from the Gun Lock Smiths of Darlaston, for Relief.—By the Earl of Belfast, from Carrickfergus, against the Disfranchisement Bill for that Place.—By Lord TULLAMORE, from the Corporation of Penryn, complaining of a Petition presented against them, and Contradicting Statements made therein.—By Mr. Sergeant PERRIN, from Dundalk, for a Commission with Power to Improve the Ports and Harbour of that Place.—By Mr. MARSHALL, from Leeds, for Amending the Law of Settlement Act.—By Sir RICHARD SIMEON, from the Isle of Wight, for compelling the use of one uniform Bushel throughout the Country.—By Mr. PEASE, from Darlington, for Modifying the proposed Measures of Government so as to secure to the Country the present Banking System.—By Mr. PEASE, Mr. PHILPOTTH, and Mr. KEMYSS TYNTB, from several Places, against the General Register Bill.—By Colonel LBITH HAY, from the Shipowners of Peterhead, against increasing the Rates on Marine Policies for nine or twelve Months.—By Mr. ROPBUCK, from certain Inhabitants of the City of London, for the Liberation of Robert Taylor, and of Richard Carlile.—By Mr. JAMES OSWALD, from Edinburgh; and Colonel LEITH HAY, from several Places,—for Alterations in the Royal Burghs (Scotland) Bill—By Mr. CHICHESTER, and Mr. KMYSS TYNTE, from three Places,—for Amending the Sale of Beer Act; and Mr. ROEBUCK, from Tiverton, against the Repeal of the same Act.—By Colonel TORRENS, Mr. GODSON, and Mr. MARSHALL, from several Places,—for placing the Retailers of Beer on a Footing with Licensed Victuallers.—By Mr. COLLIER, from the Merchants and Shipowners of Plymouth, for the Exemption from paying the Merchant Seamen's Sixpences to Greenwich Hospital.—By Mr. PRICE, from Waterford, for the Mitigation of the Criminal Code.—By Mr. HARLAND, from Durham, for Abolishing the House and Window Taxes.—By Mr. PRYME, from Reading, in favour of, and Colonel TORBENS, from Bolton, against, the Rating of Tenements Bill; and from Canterbury and Huntingdon, for Granting to the Inhabitants the choice of Corporate Officers—By Mr. HAWES, and Mr. DANIEL GASKELL, from a Medical Society, and from Wakefield, against the Apothecaries Bill.—By Lord ALTHORP, and an HON. MEMBER,—for the Better Observance of the Lord's Day.