HC Deb 17 June 1833 vol 18 cc913-4
Mr. Hurst

presented a Petition from Horsham, complaining of the misrepresentations of the Poor Laws Commissioners in their description of the effect of the rates there in consequence of the riotous proceedings of 1830, &c. They prayed that such description be expunged as of injurious tendency to the character of the neigh- bourhood. He had deemed it to be his duty to present this petition, and under all the circumstances, he trusted, that the Commissioners, who could only desire to do what was fair and right, would condescend to review this part of their report. The evidence was collected at a period of considerable excitement, in November last, when the general election was influencing the country. The evidence on which the Commissioners' representations were made was disputed; and such being the fact, and feeling assured that the Commissioners could only desire to do what was right, he should not at present submit any motion on the subject.

Mr. Fergus O'Connor

trusted the Report would not now be looked upon as a good authority, and cited against the introduction of Poor-laws into Ireland.

Major Beauclerk

supported the petition. The Commissioners had refused to make any reparation, though asked in the most gentlemanly way to do so.

Mr. Lamb

could not say anything as to the truth or falsehood of the allegations in the petition, but vindicated generally the conduct of the Commissioners. In so many inquiries mistakes were to be expected; certainly they could hardly be avoided.

Petition to lie on the Table.