HC Deb 07 June 1833 vol 18 c447

Papers ordered. On the Motion of Mr. HUME, the Number of Persons Executed for Forgery on the Bank of England, in each year from 1791 to 1829, inclusive: also an Account of the per Centage and Emoluments received by each of the Commissioners of Land and Assessed Taxes; and by each of the Collectors of Taxes in London and Middlesex, for the last year of which the Returns can be prepared: also of the Number of Surcharges for the House and Window Tax in London and Middlesex, in the year ending 5th April, 1833.

Bill. Read a third time:—Quakers' Affirmation.

Petitions presented. By Colonel EVANS, from several Places, against the House and Window Duties.—By Sir MICHAEL SHAW STEWART, from Greenock, against Slavery—By Mr. WELBY, from Stamford, and other Places, against any Alteration of the Act granting Exemptions in respect to County Rates.