HC Deb 23 July 1833 vol 19 c1104

. Papers ordered. On the Motion of Mr. Secretary STANLEY, an Account of all Parishes in Ireland containing fewer than thirty Protestants, &c.—On the Motion of Mr. JOHN ROMLLLY, an Account of all the Fees and other Emoluments received by each Clerk in Chancery, during the last year,—On the Motion of Mr. ROBERT STEUART, the Names and Description of the Persons Employed under the Commission to Inquire into the State of the Municipal Corporations in Scotland, the Instructions they have received, and the Remuneration proposed for them.—On the Motion of Mr. SPRING RICE, part of a Treasury Minute relative to Appointing Provisional Commissioners of Stamps in Ireland.

Bills. Road a second time:—China Trade; Troopers Fund.

Petitions presented. By Mr. HALCOMBE, from the Planters of Jamaica, to be heard by Counsel before the Committee on the Slavery Abolition Bill.—By Sir RICHARD VYVYAN, from Bristol, against the Rating of Tenements Bill; from the Sugar Refiners of the same place, for Allowing the Importation of Foreign Sugar for the Purpose of Refining.,—By Mr. Alderman WOOD, from the Livery and others of the City of London, for Shortening the Duration of Parliaments; by Mr. GILLOW, from the Western District of Stirlingshire, to the same effect, and for Vote by Ballot.