HC Deb 22 July 1833 vol 19 c1054

Papers ordered. On the Motion of Colonel EVANS, the Number of Houses unoccupied in the different Parishes of Westminster.—On the Motion of Sir EDWARD CODRINGTON, a Copy of the various Returns made to the Admiralty relative to the Battle of Navarino. On the Motion of Mr. CHETWYND, the Number of 10l. Houses in the Borough of Stafford, within the present Boundary, and the same in the Parishes of Castlechurch, and St. Mary's, Stafford, which are not included in the present Boundary of the Borough.—On the Motion of Sir JAMES GRAHAM, an Account from all Parishes in England and Wales, of the Amount of Poor and County Rates levied in the year ending May 25th, 1833, and how, and by whom Expended: also the Accounts of the Surveyors of Highways in each Parish.

Bills. Read a third time:—Dean Forest Boundaries.—Read a second time:—Hyde Small Debts.

Petitions presented. By Mr. WILKS, from Stepney College, and from a Protestant Congregation at Liverpool, for Relief to the Dissenters from the Grievances with respect to Marriages, Registration, and Church Rates By Mr. INGHAM, from the Churchwardens of Westoe, in favour of the Rating of Tenements Bill; from the Merchant Sea-men of South Shields, to be relieved from the Contributions of Sixpence per Month, per Man, to Greenwich Hospital.—By Mr. COLQUHOUN, from several Places, for the adoption of Uniform Weights and Measures By Mr. LYALL, from Merchants and Shipowners in the City of London, against the Restriction of the Importation of Foreign Sugars for the purpose of Refining.—By Mr. NEWTON FELLOWES, from two Places in Devonshire, against, and from one Place, in favour of, the Tithes Com mutation Bill.—By Mr. MARK PHILLIPS, from Donnington, against the Slavery Abolition Bill, and for the Recall of the Troops from the West-Indies.—By Mr. CHARLES KKMYSS TYNTE, Colonel GORE LANGTON, and Mr. J. LEE LEE, from several Places, for the Repeal or Amendment of the Sale of Beer Act; and from Chard, for per mitting the Circulation of Small Notes By Sir GEORGE GREY, from Devonport and Stonehouse, for Establishing Local Courts.—By Lord ROBERT MANNERS, from the Frame-work-Knitters of Loughborough, for Relief.—By Mr. GEORGE EVANS, from certain Individuals concerned, for Inquiry into the State and Regulations of Smithfield Market, Dublin.—By Mr. GILLON, from the Linen Weavers of Forfar, for Regulations respecting their Payment.—By Mr. Sergeant PERRIN, from Aughnamullin, for an Inquiry into the Collection of Tithes in that Parish.—By Mr. BARRON, from Carrick-on-Suir, that when the House shall have acquired the right of Conferring or Transferring Representation, it will take the Claims of that Place into Consideration.—By Mr. TOOKE, from the Solicitors of Birmingham, in favour of the Notaries Public Bill.—By Mr. EWAERT, from the Anti-Slavery Society of Liverpool, against the Slavery Abolition Bill.