HC Deb 08 July 1833 vol 19 cc256-7

Papers ordered. On the Motion of Mr. GUEST, a Return from the Clerks of the Peace in England and Wales, stating whether the general business of the County is transacted in open Court: also the Number of Officers promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant Colonel, with or without Purchase, in each year, from 1815—On the Motion of Mr. KEMEYS TYNTE, Accounts of the Imperial Gallons of British and other Spirits which paid the Home Consumption Duty in the United Kingdom, in 1831 and in 1832: also the Number of Gallons of Spirits bought by the Victualling Board, not Duty paid, in the same space of time, and the Quantity allowed to each Man in the Army and Navy as daily Rations.—On the Motion of Lord ALTHORP, an Account of the Salary and Emoluments of the Master of the Rolls and his Secretaries far the last three years: also the Salary and Emoluments of the Vice-Chancellor, and his Secretaries, for the same period.

Bills. Read a second time:—Tithes Commutation; Assessed Taxes Commutation; Irish and Scotch Vagrants Removal; Weights and Measures Act Amendment.—Read a third time:—Burgh Police; and Burgh Magistrates (Scotland); Sea Apprentices.

Petitions presented. By Mr. GILLON, from Falkirk and Airdrie, for Alterations in the Royal Burgh (Scotland) Bill.—By Colonel DAVIES, from Heathfield, complaining of the Operation of the Poor Laws.—By Mr. CHAKLES WOOD, from Flixton, against the Highways Bill.—By Sir ROBERT INGLIS, from the Archdeaconry of Stafford, against the Irish Church Temporalities Bill.—By Admiral FLEMING, from St. Ninian's, for dissolving the Union between Church and State.—By Mr. RUMBOLO, from the Shipowners of Yarmouth, for an Alteration in the Laws relating to Pilotage; and from the Shipbuilders of the same Place, for an equal Duty on Imported Timber at the Isle of Man, as is paid by Petitioners.—By Sir JOHN KEY, from a Number of Congregations in the Metropolis, against Slavery; from St. Giles's, Cripplegate-without, for the Repeal of the House and Window Tax.—By Mr. E. L. BULWER, from Lincoln, for the Reform of the Ecclesiastical Courts of that City; from Dumfries, for the Repeal of the Duty on Newspapers.—By Mr. CLAY, from the Silk Weavers of Bethnal-Green Road, in favour of the Factories' Regulation Bill; from All Saints, Poplar, against Extending the Rating of Tenements Bill to Houses &c. below 20l. yearly Rent; from St. John's, Wapping, complaining of unequal Taxation; from the Commercial Navy of the United Kingdom, for a Code of Laws for Merchant's Shipping; from East Smithfield, for the Abolition of Naval Impressment; from the Silk Weavers of Spitalfields, against the Importation of Foreign Silk Goods.—By Mr. ABERCROMBIE, from the Solicitors of the Supreme Court of Scotland, for the Repeal of the Attornies Tax; from the Taylors of Edinburgh, against the Annuity Tax Bill; from the Working Classes, that all direct and indirect Taxes may be Repealed and Replaced by a Property Tax.—By Mr. GOULBURN, from the University of Cambridge, against the Tithes' Commutation Bill.—By Captain DUNLOP, from several Places, against the Royal Burghs (Scotland) Bill.—By Mr. POULETT SCROPE, from Bath, for Poor Laws to Ireland.—By Mr. E. L. BULWER, from Lincoln; and Mr. Sergeant PERBIN, from Dublin, against the Apothecaries Bill.—By Dr. LUSHINGTON, from certain Individuals, against the Lord's Day Observance Bill; from the Merchant Seamen of the Port of London, against the Contribution to Greenwich Hospital; from St. George's, Middlesex, for Removing the Restrictions upon the Importation of Foreign Sugar; and by Mr. GROTE, from the Sugar Brokers of London to the same effect.—By Mr. HUME, from Llanidloes, for the Performance of the Church Service in the Welsh Language; from Englishmen at the Cape of Good Hope, for Compensation, if the Slavery Abolition Bill should pass.—By Sir ROBERT SIMEON, from Cowes; and Mr. PENDARVES, from Penzance, against the Notaries Public Bill.—By the Earl of ORMELIE and Mr. OLIPHANT, from Perth, against the Bankrupts (Scotland) Bill.—By Admiral ADAM, from several Places, in favour of the Clackmanan and Kinross Parishes Bill; and by the Earl of ORMELIE, from Murkhart, &c., against that Bill—By Lord NORREYS, from Burford; by Mr. PHILPOTTS, from Gloucester; and by Mr. JAMES BULLER, from Exeter, against the proposed Measure concerning the Bank of England Charter, as not calculated to remove the evil.—By Mr. TOOKE, from the Carriers between Truro and other Places in the West, for a Repeal of the Duty on Vans.—By Lord MILTON, Mr. WILKS, and the Earl of ORMELIE, from several Places, against Slavery.—By Sir ROBERT FERGUSON, from the City of Londonderry, for Protection to Passengers Emigrating—By Mr. DAVENPORT, from the Staffordshire Potteries, against the Rating of Tenements Bill.