HC Deb 03 July 1833 vol 19 c109

The House resolved itself into a Committee on the Scotch Burghs Police Bill,

On the first Clause being read,

Mr. Gillon moved as an Amendment to that part of the clause which enacts that the boundaries of the Burghs for the purposes of this Act should be the same as those fixed by the Reform of Parliament Act a proviso to the effect that the ancient and known limits of the burgh if extending beyond those boundaries should be adopted. In the case of the borough of Hamilton, the inhabitants had a great hardship to complain of, for the Commissioners under the Reform Act had so fixed the boundaries as to exclude the Palace of Hamilton; yet at the time it was distinctly declared that that limitation was only to be for the purposes of the Reform Act, and not by any means to apply to any future local assessments. That Palace would have all the benefits of the police of the burghs and be at none of the expense.

Upon this Amendment the Committee divided: Ayes 27; Noes 75;—Majority 48.

Mr. Gillon

As the Committee would not consent to the general Amendment he had proposed; he would move one to meet the particular ease of Hamilton. The hon. Member accordingly moved "That the ancient boundary of Hamilton be the boundary for the purposes of this Act so far as it extends beyond the boundary prescribed by the Reform Act."

The Commmittee again divided: Ayes 25; Noes 42:—Majority 17.

The Bill went through the Committee and the He se resumed.

List of the AYES.
ENGLAND. Dykes, F. L. B.
Aglionby, H. A. Evans, Col.
Attwood, T. Grote, G.
Guest, J. J. SCOTLAND.
Hardinge, Sir H. Hay, Sir J.
Harland, W. C. Maxwell, Sir J.
Jervis, J. Oswald, R.
Lowther, Col. Pringle, R.
Molesworth, Sir W. Wallace, R.
Pryse, P. IRELAND.
Walter, J. O'Dwyer, A. C.
Wason, R. Ronayne, D.
Wood, Alderman Ruthven, E.
Young, G. F. Vigors, N. A.
Gillon, W. D.