HC Deb 01 July 1833 vol 18 c1359

paper ordered. On the Motion of Mr. O'CONNELL, an Account of the Number of Stamps issued to each Newspaper in Ireland, from the 5th January, to the 7th June, 1833.—On the Motion of Mr. FINN, an Account of the Union compensations laid before parliament in 1805: of all Claims for Compensation on Account of the Representative Franchises of Ireland which were admitted, and also of such as were disallowed, and rejected.—On the Motion of Mr. Alderman THOMPSON, an Account of the official Value of Good warehoused in the port of London, in the years 1831 and 1832: also an Account of the Imports and Exports of the United Kingdom, for the years 1830, 1831, and 1832, and of the Quantity of the different Articles retained for Home Consumption.

Bills. Read a second time:—Artillery Pensions; Church Building Act Amendment.—Read a third time:—Highland Roads and Bridges.

Petitions presented. By Sir JAMES GRAHAM, from Leith, against the Edinburgh Community Estates Bill.—By Mr. CAYLEY, from Richmond (York), against the proposed Alteration in the Bank of England Charter.—By Mr. KEMYSS TYNTK, from certain Retail Dealers of Hminster, that 2l. Notes may be in Circulation.—By Mr. HUME, from St. Luke's, Chelsea, for Poor Laws to Ireland; from several Places, for placing Retail Dealers of Beer on a Footing with Licensed Victuallers; from Prisoners for Debt in the King's Bench Prison, in favour of the Imprisonment for Debt Bill; from the University of Glasgow, for the Repeal of the Apothecaries Act; from the procurators of the Sheriff's Court, Fife, for an Alteration of the present System of Conveyancing in Scotland; from a Friendly Society at Hounslow, fur the Repeal of the Laws on Benefit Societies; from Hendon, against the Assessed Taxes; from Lawrence Kirk, for an Alteration in the System of Lay Patronage; from a Dissenting Congregation in the City of London, for making Marriages performed by their own Clergymen Legal; from the Committee of the Working Classes of Edinburgh, for an Inquiry into the State of Ireland; from the Presbytery of Aberdeen, in favour of the New System of Education in Ireland—By Mr. BETHELL, from the Sugar Refiners of Kingston-upon-Hull, for allowing the Use of Foreign Sugar in Refineries.—By Mr. DENIS O'CONNOR, from Kilmiston, against Tithes and the Commutation Act.—By Mr. WILLIAM DUNCOMBE, from three Places, against the proposed Alteration in the Bank Charter.—By Mr. GREENE, from Lancaster, and Mr. MABRYATT, from Deal, against the Notaries Public Bill.—By Mr. GREENE, from the Medical Practitioners of Lancaster; and by Mr. FRANKLAND LEWES, from the Royal College of Surgeons, London, against the Apothecaries Bill.