HC Deb 12 February 1833 vol 15 cc560-1
Mr. Clay

presented a Petition from the Inhabitant Householders of Shore-ditch, praying for a Repeal of the House and Window Tax. The petitioners expressed their confidence in the intentions of his Majesty's Government to reduce the taxation of the country, and they were most unwilling to embarrass them. At the same time they considered it necessary to call the attention of the Legislature to the unequal and very grievous nature of the taxes. The hon. Member expressed his entire concurrence in the prayer of the petition, and would take another opportunity of expressing more at large his sentiments on the subject. At present he would only say that the tax was most objectionable, especially as it pressed with severity on the working classes.

Mr. Cobbett

begged to inform the noble Lord opposite (Lord Althorp), that, before the House resolved itself into a Committee of Supply, he should take the opportunity of laying before the House a statement of the grievances of the people, in relation to taxation; and calling its attention to certain resolutions on that subject; more particularly with regard to the unequal pressure. He would then show, that the poor man paid forty per cent more than the rich man, in direct taxation; and that, upon the average of the whole taxation, the poor man paid ten per cent more than the rich man. He trusted that the Members of the Reformed House of Commons would not be guilty of such treachery towards their constituency as to go into a Committee of Supply, without some pledge that these grievances would be redressed.

Dr. Lushington

supported the prayer of the petition presented by his hon. colleague. He trusted that the noble Lord would take the matter into his serious consideration.

Petition laid on the Table.