HC Deb 11 February 1833 vol 15 cc476-7
Mr. C. W. Wynn

presented the Report of the Committee appointed to examine into the cases respecting the taking of the affirmation by Quakers instead of oaths. In presenting the Report he must state, that the Committee had met with a single case of a scruple to take an oath in the House of Commons, and two cases in a Court of Law, which had been decided in favour of the Quaker. The Report would be printed, and would be in the hands of Members on Wednesday morning. The Committee had given no opinion with respect to the law on the subject, as they were not required to do so. But on Thursday, he should move that the Affirmation of Mr. Pease be received instead of the usual oaths. He wished it, however, to be understood, that this was only his own individual opinion; and that he was acting expressly from his own suggestion, and not in obedience to any resolution of the Committee.

Report laid on the Table.

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