HC Deb 06 February 1833 vol 15 cc217-8
The Solicitor General

presented a Petition most numerously signed by the inhabitants of the town of Dudley, stating the constitutional jealousy they felt from the circumstance of a right hon. Gentleman having been elected to the Chair of the House after an Act of Parliament had passed conferring a pension upon that right hon. Gentleman, and praying that the Act conferring such pension might be repealed.

Mr. Warburton

said, that, as the petition which had just been presented embraced the principles which he had advocated on the first day of the meeting of the present Parliament, he begged to say, he was not aware that any such petition was contemplated, or would be presented, until he had been written to by the petitioners, requesting him to support its prayer. The subject he should take into his serious consideration, before he took any step towards the Repeal of the Act alluded to. Many objections had been stated to him by several hon. Members on the subject, which, with the matter itself, he should fully and deliberately weigh in his mind before he took any proceeding on the question.

The Solicitor General

had been requested by his constituents to report the Bill for the Repeal of the Speaker's pension; but, as there was no such Bill, the matter, as far as he was concerned, dropped to the ground.

Petition laid on the Table.

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