HC Deb 05 February 1833 vol 15 c136
Mr. War-burton

wished to ask the noble Lord, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, whether it was his intention to bring forward any measure during the present Session, with respect to the duty on newspapers?

Lord Althorp

said, in answer to the question put to him by the hon. Member, that every person acquainted with the subject must be aware of the disadvantageous effect of this tax. His wish certainly was to introduce a measure to amend the laws in this respect; but, at the present period of the year, before he knew or could know what might be the result of the finances at the end of the year, it was impossible that he could give any pledge on this subject, or on any other of a similar description. Until he should know the state of the finances, he could not give any pledge on the subject.

Mr. Edward Lytton Bulwer

regretted to hear what had fallen from the noble Lord, with reference to the taxes on newspapers, and he should not, therefore, defer an early opportunity of giving notice that he should move for an inquiry by a committee, similar to that during the last Session, and to consider the propriety of the removal of those taxes, which were so generally disliked and detested.