HC Deb 19 August 1833 vol 20 c782

The Order of the Day for the adjourned debate on the further consideration of the Report on this Bill having been read,

Mr. Hume

expressed his determination to divide the House on his Amendment, that it be an instruction to the Committee to provide for the repayment of this money, charging upon the temporalities of the Irish Church all sums advanced under the Bill, and not repaid by the tithe-owners.

The House divided on this Motion—Ayes 42; Noes 69: Majority 27.

List of the AYES.
ENGLAND. Lamont, N.
Aglionby, H. A. Lloyd, J. H.
Attwood, T. Morrison, J.
Bewes, T. Parrott, J.
Blamire, W. Philips, M.
Briggs, R. Potter, R.
Brocklchurst, J. Pryme, G.
Brotherton, J. Robinson, G. R.
Clay, W. Romilly, J.
Cobbett, W. Scholefield, J.
Divett, E. Thompson, Alderman
Ellis, W. Todd, R.
Ewart, W. Torrens, Col.
Fielden, J. Tynte, C. J. K.
Grote, G. Walter, J.
Harvey, D. W. Williams, Col.
Heathcote, J. Wood, G. W.
Humphery, J. Young, G. F.
SCOTLAND. Vigors, N. A.
Hallyburton, Hon. D. Wallace, T.
Maxwell, J. TELLERS.
Blake, M. Warburton, H.
O'Dwyer, A. C.
Paired off.
Hall, B. Tooke, William
Sinclair, G.

The House in Committee.

On Clause 25 being put,

Mr. O'Ferrall

objected to the clause, on the ground that it gave the landlords the same power to recover tithes from their tenants as they already possessed with regard to their rents. He was determined to take the sense of the Committee upon it.

The Committee divided on the Clause—Ayes 52; Noes 12: Majority 40.

The Clause to stand part of the Bill.

Mr. Blake moved an Amendment to the effect that the expenses of carrying the Act into effect should be chargeable upon the Church of Ireland.

The Committee divided on the Amendment—Ayes 18; Noes 49: Majority 31.

The remainder of the Clauses agreed to.

The House resumed.

List of the AYES.
Aglionby, H. A. O'Dwyer, C. A.
Arbuthnot, General O'Ferrall, M.
Brocklehurst, J. O'Reilly, W.
Brotherton, J. Ruthven, E. S.
Divett, Edward Sullivan, R.
Evans, Colonel Vigors, N.
Fielden, J. Wallace, T.
Gordon, Captain Warburton, H.
Grote, G. TELLER.
Hume, J. Blake, M.
Lloyd, J. H.