HC Deb 06 August 1833 vol 20 c393

The Report of the Resolution for granting the sum of one million sterling for the Arrear of Tithes (Ireland) was brought up.

On the Motion that it be read,

Mr. Hume

protested against this grant as a shameful charge upon the funds of this country, and as contrary to every promise held out in the commencement of the Session.

Mr. Littleton

agreed, that the people of England ought not to be called upon to support the Irish clergy as a general rule; but the present money was granted under peculiar circumstances of distress on the part of that clergy; and, besides this, there was every prospect that the whole amount of the grant would be ultimately repaid into the Exchequer, and thus the country would suffer no loss.

Mr. Aglionby

strongly protested against the grant as most unjust, most impolitic, and most inexpedient. If the Irish clergy were so distressed as was described, let the over-fed portion of the clergy support their poorer brethren. The Irish Church Temporalities Bill had been in a great measure destroyed by the declaration that the Temporalities of the Church were to be dedicated solely to Ecclesiastical purposes; at any rate, let the support of these poor clergy be included in these Ecclesiastical purposes.

The House divided on the Question, that "The Report be read"—Ayes 34; Noes 15—Majority 19.

The Report was read; and a Bill according to the Resolution ordered to be brought in.

List of the AYES.
Agnew, Sir A. Molyneux, Lord
Althorp, Viscount Morpeth, Lord
Bentinck, Lord Murray, J. A.
Campbell, Sir J. O'Reilly, W.
Childers, J. Penleaze, J. F.
Duncannon, Lord Philpot, John
Ebrington, Lord Plumptre, J. P.
Egerton, W. T. Poyntz, W. S.
Ellice, Right Hon. E. Shaw, E.
Evans, W. Stanley, Rt. Hn. E. G.
Gordon, R. Stewart, P. M.
Graham, Sir J. Sullivan, P.
Hay, Colonel Thomson, Rt. Hn. P.
Hyett, W. H. Wood, C.
Inglis, Sir R. Wood, G. W.
Johnstone, A. TELLERS.
Kennedy, T. F. Brougham, W.
Littleton, Rt. Hn. E. Baring, Francis
Lowther, Lord
List of the NOES.
Beauclerk, Major Wallace, R.
Blamire, W. IRELAND.
Brotherton, J. Blake, M.
Dykes, F. L. B. O'Dwyer, A. C.
Evans, Col. Ruthven, E. S.
Gisborne, T. Ruthven, E.
Hall, B. Vigors, N. A.
Hawes, B. TELLERS.
James, W. Aglionby, H. A.
Hume, J.
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