HC Deb 05 August 1833 vol 20 c325

Bills, Read a third time:—Privy Council.

Petitions presented. By Mr. DENISON, from Farnham, for an Alteration in the Labour Rate Bill.—By Mr. WOLRYCHE WHITMORE, from Wittenhall, for the Abolition of Slavery; from British Residents in Calcutta, for Reducing the Duty On East-India. Sugar and Rum.—By Mr. E. B. CURTEIS, and Mr. HILL, from several Places, against the Scotch and Irish Vagrants' Bill.—By Lord MORPETH, from Brechin, in favour of the Factories' Regulation Bill. —By Mr. LEE LEE, from Shipton Beauchamps, against the Tithes' Commutation Bill.—By Mr. BROCKLEHURST, from Macclesfield, against a Reduction of the Duty on Foreign Thrown Silk.—By Mr. WARBURTON, from the Medical Practitioners of Norwich, against the Apothecaries Bill; and from the Physicians practising in London, for an Inquiry into the State of the Profession.—By Mr. G. F. YOUNG, from North Shields, in favour of the Sea Apprentices' Settlement; from Tynemouth, against the General Register Bill; from the Ship owners of the Port of London, for the Repeal of part of the London Port Duty Act; from Shadwell and Wapping, against Impressment; from the Ship Owners, &c. of London, against the Registry of Vessels Bill, and for Reducing the Amount allowed for the Repairs of Ships in Foreign Ports.—By Mr. F. SHAW, from the Taylors of Dublin, in favour of the Kingstown Ship Canal.—By Mr. CAYLEY, from the Protestant Dissenters of Lofthouse, for Redress of Grievances; from Kirby and Cleveland, for the Abolition of Tithes—By Sir SAMUEL WHALLEY, from Colonel Brady, complaining of Injustice and Oppression.