HC Deb 29 April 1833 vol 17 c722

Papers ordered. On the Motion of Mr. VIGORS" an Account of the Annual Receipts and Expenditure in the Parish of St. Pancras, Middlesex, for the last three years.—On the Motion of Mr. RICARDO, an Account of the Management and Expenses of the different Gaols in England and Wales.—On the Motion of Mr. SPRING Rica, an Account of the Amount of all the Taxes Repealed or Imposed in each year, since the close of the War.

Petitions presented By Sir JOHN HOBHOUSE, from several Metropolitan Parishes; by Mr. LANGSTON, from three Parishes at Oxford; and by Mr. EWART, from Liverpool,—for a Repeal of the Assessed Taxes.—By Colonel LYGON, from Worcester; Mr. COLQUHOUN, from two Places; and Mr. BRIGSTOCK, from Ubley, against the Repeal or Amendment of the Sale of Beer Act.—By Mr. EWART, from Liverpool, for Relief to the Dissenters with respect to Marriages, Parochial Rates, and Registrations.—By the same, from Medical Practitioners, Liverpool; and by Mr. BANNERMAN, from the University of Aberdeen—for an Alteration in the Apothecaries Act.—By Mr. COLQUHON. from the Spirit Dealers of Kirkintillock, for a Repeal of the Tippling Act.—By the same, from the Hand-loom Weavers of Scotland; and by Mr. JAMBS OSWALD, from calton,—for a Board of Trade, and for Relief.—By Mr. SHAW, from a Number of Places in Ireland, against the Church Temporalities (Ireland) Bill.—By Mr. G. J. HEATHCOTE, from the Landowners of Kesteven (Lincoln), against any Alteration of the Corn Laws.—By Mr. BRIGSTOCK, Mr. HUTT, and Mr. VIGORS, from several Places, for a Repeal of the Assessed Taxes.—By Mr. PLUMPTRE, from two Places in Kent, for a Repeal of the Malt Duty.—By Mr. VIGORS, from the Parish of St Pancras, for a Repeal of the Septennial Act, and for Vote by Ballot.—By Mr. BANNERMAN, from Aberdeen, for a Repeal of the Duty on Stamped Receipts.—By Messrs. BOLTON KING, BARING, HENEAGE, MARJORIBANKS, J. SMITH, COLQUHOUN, FITZGERALD, F. SHAW, RICARDO, MORISON, HUTT, BRIGSTOCK, J. C DUNDAS, and PLUMPTRE, Colonel LYGON, Sir J. DAL RYMPLE, Sir W. FOLKES, and an HON. MEMBER, from a great Number of Places,—against Slavery: also by Alder man THOMPSON, Sir EDMUND HAYES, and Viscount APSLEY.—By Messrs. J. SMITH, COLQUHOUN, G. J. HEATHCOTE, SHAW, BRIGSTOCK, VIGORS, BANNERMAN, Colonel LYGON, LORD OSSULSTON, and an HON. MEMBER, from a Number of Places,—for a Better Observance of the Sabbath.—By Lord GRANVILLE SOMERSET, from Landogo, for some Modifications in the Sabbath Observance Bill.—By Mr. HODGES, from Cranbrook, and other Places in Kent, for a Repeal of the Malt Duty.—By Lord APSLEY, from the Clergy of the Deanery of Stow (Gloucester), against the Church Temporalities (Ireland) Bill; and for a Repeal of the Sale of Beer Act.—By Mr. BARING, from the Proprietors of Drury Lane and Covent Garden Theatres, against the Bill for Regulating Dramatic Performances.