HC Deb 22 April 1833 vol 17 cc383-4
Mr. Thomas Attwood

wished to ask a question relative to our foreign policy. It was well known, that for several years past Russia had coveted the possession of Constantinople. The public had heard a great number of alarming rumours during the last week which gave them reason to believe that Constantinople was already in the possession of the Russians. He wished to have the happiness, therefore, to hear that steps had been taken by the Government to prevent a result which would be disastrous to the best interests of Europe, and inconsistent with the honour of England.

Lord Althorp

said, he knew nothing of Constantinople being in the possession of the Russians, and the negotiations on the subject alluded to were not in such a state that he could say anything on the subject. Indeed, it would be highly improper in him were he to take any means of gratifying the hon. Member.