HC Deb 19 April 1833 vol 17 cc321-2

Papers ordered. On the Motion of Colonel DAVIES, an Account of all the Gaols in England and Wales, and the Number of Persons Confined in them.—On the Motion of MR. HUME, an Account of all Persons now entitled to a Pension under the Acts. 57th George 3rd, cap. 65; and 6th George 4th, cap. 90.—On the Motion of Mr. BRISCOE, an Account from the Court of King's Bench, of the Number of Persons Confined in the Marshalsea of that Court to whom Day Rules have been granted to leave the Prison in Term Time, from 1805, till 1832, inclusive.—On the Motion of the SOLICITOR General, a Copy of the Fourth Report of the Commissioners appointed to Inquire into the Law of England respecting Real Property.—On the Motion of MR. JONES, Accounts of the Manufacture, Consumption, and Exportation and Importation of Proof Spirits, from the 5th January, 1832, to the 5th April, 1833.

Bills. Read a first time:—Jewish Disabilities Repeal.—Read a second time:—Heirs of Entail; Tailzies Act Amendment; Future Entail (Scotland).—Read a third time:—Public Revenue (Scotland).

Petitions presented. By Lord A. CHICHESTER, from Belfast, for a Modified System of Poor Laws for Ireland.—By Mr. R. OSWALD, from the Political Union and others of Kilmarnock, for the Abolition of the Laws of Entail and Primogeniture.—By Mr. HUTT, from Hull, for Vote by Ballot, the Repeal of the Septennial Act, and of the Assessed Taxes.—By MR. BOWES, from Stockton-upon-Tees, for the Discontinuance of Nocturnal Legislation.—By SIR CHARLES LEMON, from Penzance, in favour of the Church of Ireland Bill.—By MR. ABERCROMBIE, from the Medical Students of Edinburgh, for the Amendment of the Apothecaries Act.—By Mr. WILLIAM WHITMORE, from Bilston, for Amending the Law relating to Ejectment.—By MR. ROBERT FERGUSON, from Burntisland; and MR. ABERCROMBIE, from Edinburgh,—for a Repeal of the Duty on Stamped Receipts.—By Mr. R. STEUART, from Haddington, for Amendment in the Law of Scotland; and from the same Place; and by Sir A. AGNEW, from Sorby,—for a Better System of Church Patronage (Scotland).—By Sir GEORGE GREY, from Devonport, and MR. ABERCROMBIE, from Stonehouse, for Emancipating the Jews.—By SIR GEORGE GREY, from Stoke Damerel; and by Mr. WELBY, from Grantham, against the Assessed Taxes.—By Lord R. GROSVENOR, Mr. R. PALMER, MR. BULLER, MR. CARTWRIGHT, MR. J. W. SCOTT, and MR. BUCKINGHAM, from several Places,—against the Sale of Beer Act,—By Sir WILLIAM FOLKES, MR. BUCKINGHAM, and Mr. H. HANDLEY, from several Places,—for Relief from Taxation.—By Mr. JERVIS, from Worcester, for Liberty to Elect their Municipal and Local Authorities.—By SIR G. GREY, from Devonport, and by Serjeant SPANKIE, from Islington, in favour of a Factories Regulation Bill.—By Captain G. FERGUSON, Mr. R. SHAWE, Sir GILBERT HEATHCOTE, Lord G. SOMERSET, and Mr. R. PALMER, from many Places,—against the Malt Tax.—By Sir T. LENNARD, Mr. DAWSON, Mr. BUCKINGHAM, MAJOR KEPPEL, MR. TOWER, Sir FRANCIS BLAKE, MR. C. KEMYSS TYNTE, MR. J. KEMYSS TYNTE, MR. TYRELL, MR. R. SHAWE, MR. BEWES, Sir G. STAUNTON, Sir EARDLEY WILMOT, Lord Viscount MOLYNEUX, MR. J. GASKELL, Sir GILBERT HEATHCOTE, Sir W. FOLKES, SIR G. GREY, MR. TANCRED, SIR J. JOHNSTONE, Mr. H. STANLEY, MR. FYSCHE PALMER, Sir W. INGILBY, Mr. ADDAMS WILLIAMS, Mr. ROBERT STEUART, Mr. CRAVEN BERKELEY, MR. ROPER, Sir C. LEMON, Mr. RUDDELL TODD, CAPTAIN LEWIS FENTON, Mr. E. J. STANLEY, MR. THROCKMORTON, Mr. BRIGSTOCK, MR. N. CALVERT, Mr. AGLIONBY, LORD ARTHUR CHICHESTER, MR. CARTWRIGHT, Sir OSWALD MOSELEY, Mr. METHUEN, Mr. MORISON, LORD GRANVILLE SOMERSET, and Colonel Davies, from a number of Places,—against Slavery.—By MAJOR KEPPEL and Mr. R. SHAWE, from several Places,—against the Duty on Taxed Carts.—By Mr. WARBURTON. colonel MABERLY, MR. WELBY, MR. DAWSON, Mr. TYRELL, MR. H. HANDLEY, LORD R. GROSVENOR, Lord VISCOUNT MOLYNEUX, MR. MILLS GASKELL, SIR GILBERT HEATHCOTE, MR. H. STANLEY, MR. R. FERGUMON, Mr. BRIGSTOCK, SIR ANDREW AGNEW, MR. R. PALMER, Lord ARTHUR CHICHESTER, MR. WILLIAMS WYNN, and MR. METHUEN, from a great Number of Places,—for a Better Observance of the Sabbath.—By Mr. WILBRAHAM, MR. BUCKINGHAM, and Lord MOLYNEUX, from several Places,—for Relieving Dissenters from the Civil Disabilities under which they labour.—By Mr. BUCKINGHAM, from Harwood and other Places, against the Disturbances (Ireland) Bill.