HC Deb 30 May 1832 vol 13 c190

Papers ordered. On the Motion of Lord TULLAMORE, Copies of all Memorials or Petitions presented to the Lord Lieutenant or the Lord Chancellor of Ireland, or the Twelve Judges in Ireland, from the year 1829 to the present time, relating to holding the Assizes for the King's County in Ireland, at Tullamore, instead of Philipstown, and to the Building of a Court-house at Tullamore, with the Proceedings had therein.

Bills. Read a second time:—Army Prize Money; Militia Ballot Suspension; Clandestine Marriages (Ireland).—Read a third timer—King's Bench (Ireland).

Petitions presented. By Mr. ANDREW JOHNSTONE, from Haddington; and by Mr. WEYLAND, from King's Lynn,—against the Ministerial Plan of Education (Ireland.)—By Lord WILLIAM LENNOX, from King's Lynn; and by Mr. O'CONNOR, from Mayo,—in favour of the same Plan.—By Mr. DIXON, from Glasgow;—by Mr. LEE LEE, from Ilminster; and by Lord WILLIAM LENNOX, from Holywell (Flint),—for Stopping the Supplies.—By Mr. DIXON, from Reading and from Beverley (Yorkshire);—by Mr. O'CONNOR, from Roserea;—by the ATTORNEY GENERAL, from Nottingham;—and by Mr. HUGHES HUGHES, from Oxford,—against the Punishment of Death.—By Mr. WEYLAND, from Mostinei, in favour of the Poor Allotments Bill.—By Lord TULLAMORE from King's County, for removing the Assizes to Tullamore.—By Mr. EWART, from the Owners of a Theatre at Liverpool, for Repealing the Laws relative to Dramatic Performances.—By Mr. HUNT, from Individuals confined in Lancaster Gaol, Complaining of the Cruelty of the Jailor.