HC Deb 09 May 1832 vol 12 c781
Sir Robert Peel

moved, in pursuance of the notice which he had given previous to the recess, for the appointment of a Committee to frame some regulations to facilitate the presentation of public petitions. He said, that he should suggest that something like the appointment of a Standing Committee should be resolved on, before whom any Member should be at liberty to lay whatever petitions he might be intrusted with; and that this Committee should classify such petitions, setting forth their general prayer, and stating the number of signatures attached to each. He would not, however, propose to take away the right, which every Member at present possessed, of presenting petitions to the whole House, and expressing his opinions on the subject; but he thought it would be advisable to limit each Member to one speech.

Lord Althorp

thought some regulation on this subject was necessary, and anticipated that the right hon. Baronet's proposition would be beneficial.