HC Deb 08 May 1832 vol 12 c752

Bill brought in.—By Mr. MACKINNON, to Re peal the Usury Laws.

Committee appointed.—On the Motion of Sir ROBERT INGLIS, to Inquire into the State of the Library of the House of Commons.

Petitions presented. By Mr. GOULBURN, from Colgrave, Hicking, and Overbroughton, Notts;—by Mr. J. E. GORDON, from Temple Michael, and six other Places in Ireland;—and by Mr.ANDREW JOHNSTON, from Stirling,—against the Ministerial Plan of Education in Ireland.—By Mr. O'CONNELL, from Balmahony, and Donamine,—for the Abolition of Tithes in Ireland; from the Political Union, Birmingham, to postpone the Consideration of the subject of Irish Tithes, and of all other Subjects, until the meeting of a new Parliament under the Reform Bill; from Einley, for an Investigation into the Conduct of Dr. Fitzgerald; and from the Royal College of Surgeons (Dublin), not to extend the Anatomy Bill to Ireland.—By Lord SANDON, from J. Todd Naylor, Deputy Chairman of the Mexican and South American Association at Liverpool, complaining of the recent Directions to demand the South-Sea Duty, and for Relief.—By Mr. PIGOTT, from Quainton, Dinton, and Marston, to enable a certain Majority of the Ratepayers of ally Parish to adopt Plans for the Employment of the Able-bodied Poor.—By Sir JOHN NEWPORT, from Waterford, to Abolish the New Vestries Act; from Harbour Grace, Conception Bay, Newfoundland, for a Representative Local Legislature for that Island.—By Mr. CUTLAR FERGUSSON, from Port Glasgow, to be joined to Greenock in sending a Member to Parliament under the Reform of Parliament (Scotland) Bill;—and from Kirkudbright, against the Hypothec (Scotland), Bill.—By Mr. HUME, from the Parish of St. Pancras (Middlesex), to include the whole Parish in the proposed Borough of Marylebone; from Walsall, against any Grant to the Irish Clergy; from the Crape Manufacturers of Great Yarmouth, against the Factories Regulations Bill; from the Wick and Pulteney-town Subscription Library, against all Taxes on Knowledge; from the Protestant Dissenters of Beominster, against Tithes; from certain Booksellers, for the Repeal of the Duty on Newspapers, &c.; and from William Carpenter, against the Act of 60 George 3rd, cap. 9.—By Mr. FYSHE PALMER, from the Congregation of Castle Street Chapel, Reading, against the Punishment of Death for Crimes against Property.—By LORD NUGENT, from Horsham;—and by Mr. THICKNESSE, from Blackburn, and Ampthill,—for the same object.—By Mr. WARBURTON, from the National Political Union, in favour of the Anatomy Bill.—By Mr. JOHN WYNN, from Galway, for a Provision in the Reform Bill to secure the Peculiar Franchise of Galway.—By Mr. SPRING RICE, from the Parishes of St. Edmund and St. David, Exeter, against the Exeter and Crediton Railway Bill.