HC Deb 30 March 1832 vol 11 cc1094-5
Mr. Hunt

Seeing the right hon. Gentleman the under Secretary for the Home Department in his place, I wish to ask him a question relative to the three or four men that have been taken up by the police on a charge—I hardly know of what. I should be glad to learn, whether there has been anything like a treasonable conspiracy discovered? or whether the sum total of the offence of these conspirators was playing at single stick? under which ac- cusation, I understand, called by the name of training to arms, they have been committed to prison.

Mr. Lamb

All that I have to say, in answer to the hon. Member, is, that these men have keen taken before a Magistrate, and that they have been committed for re-examination. I should think, that the House will feel that, under these circumstances, it will hardly be proper for me now to enter into any explanation.

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