HC Deb 19 March 1832 vol 11 c401

New Member sworn. WILLIAM ROBERT CLAYTON, Esq., for Great Marlow. Committee on the Dorsetshire Election reported that Lord ASHLEY was duly Elected.

Bill brought in. To Regulate Turnpike Tolls on Steam Carriages.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. HEATHCOTE, of the Number of Convictions under the Game Laws, from the 1st of November, 1850, to 1st February, 1832, distinguishing each year:—By Mr. BOLDERO, of all the Communications received by Government from the Medical Board relating to the Cholera at Sunderland; of the Number of Deaths at that place from March 1851, to March 1851; and of the greatest Number of Deaths that had taken place in any one year in the same place during the last ten years:—By Sir EDWARD SUDDEN, of the Number of Bankruptcy Cases heard before the Court of Review, with the Fees received, and the Duties performed by the various Officers of the Court; of the Number of Attendances of the Judges, the Fees for the Admission of Solicitors, and of the Names of the Persons appointed Official Assignees in the New Bankruptcy Court, and of the Number of Bankrupts Petitions presented during the year 1851, and of the Number of Causes, distinguishing Bankruptcy Petitions, heard by the Vice Chancellor during the year 1831, and the Number ready for hearing on the 19th March, 1832.

Petitions presented. By Colonel EVANS, from the Inhabitants of Idle employed in the Mills in and near that place and by Mr. STRICKLAND, from the Inhabitants of Morley, in favour of the Factories Regulation Bill, and by Mr. GISBORNE, from the Spinners and Manufacturers of Hayfield and New Mills, against it:—By Mr. JAMES E. GORDON, from the Protestants of Rathkeale, Pentlow, and Watford, against the proposed System of Education for Ireland:—By Mr. WALLACE, from the Roman Catholics of the Guild of Brogue Makers, Galway, for equalizing Civil Rights in that place; and for the Repeal or Modification of the Stamp duty on the Admission of Freemen to Corporations:—By Captain BERKELEY, from the Agriculturists of the Hundred of Bosham, Sussex, in Favour of the Remedies against the Hundred Bill:—By Mr. WYSE, from the Roman Catholic Inhabitants of Drogheda, Landholders of Ballycolough, and Fartianna, for the Abolition of Tithes; from the Subscribers to the Glandore Dispensary, for a Law to oblige Grand Juries to present a Sum for the support of Dispensaries equal to the Amount of Local subscriptions; and from the Medical Practitioners of Tipperary, complaining of the Laws for Regulating the Admission of Physicians and Surgeons to the County Infirmaries (Ireland):—By Mr. WYNNE, from the Corporation of Llanfylleir to be restored to its ancient right of Voting for the Montgomeryshire district of Boroughs:—By Sir RICHARD VYVYAN, from the Freemen and Freeholders of Okehampton, to retain their Franchise; sad from Cheshire, against the Reform Bill.