HC Deb 14 March 1832 vol 11 c203

Bills brought in. By the LORD ADVOCATE, for Altering and Amending an Act passed in the present Session of Parliament, for the Prevention, as far as may be possible, of the Disease called Cholera, or Spasmodic, or Indian Cholera, in Scotland; and to Regulate the Powers and Duties of the Courts of Law in Scotland in Relation to the Diligence of Arrestment on Wages. Read a second time; Registry of Deeds (Ireland). Read a third time; Coal Trade (Dublin.)

Petitions presented. By Lord CASTLEREAGH, from Dromore, and the Presbyterian Congregation of Donoughmore; and by Mr. JAMES E. GORDON, from Stambourne, Bruera, Clare and Smisby, against the Government Plan of Education in Ireland—By Mr. MAURICE O'CONNELL, from the Inhabitants of Kilfinaghty, for the Repeal of the Sub-letting Act, and the Vestries Bill; from the Inhabitants of Clashmere, for an Alteration of the Law which interdicted Officers Widows from again Marrying without losing their Pensions; from the Guild of Painters and Glaziers; and of Tobacco Spinners in Galway, to Equalize Civil Rights in that place; from the Members of the National Trades Political Union, Dublin, for the Abolition of Tithes; from the inhabitants of Clonmel, for an increased number of Representatives for Ireland; from the Members of the National Trades Political Union, Dublin, for the Repeal of the Act by which the Collection of Ministers' Money is authorized:—By Lord BRABAZON, from the Inhabitants of Swords, against the Amount of Toll levied on the Road between that place and Dublin:—By Colonel HUGHES, Chairman of a Meeting of the Inhabitants of Grantham, in favour of Reform:—By Mr. HUNT, from the Inhabitants of St. George the Martyr, Southwark, against the Anatomy Bill, and the Corn Laws:—By Mr. WILKES, from the Members of Friendly Societies in Birmingham for the Amendment of the 10 George 4th:—By Mr. CROKER, from the Corporation of Arundel, against the Divisions of Counties Bill:—By Mr. BLAMIRE, from the Inhabitants of Brigham, Greysouthen, and Eaglesfield, in favour of the Bill for Limiting the Hours of Work in Factories.