HC Deb 09 March 1832 vol 11 c34
Mr. Hunt

presented a Petition from Christchurch, Surrey, complaining of the number of Turnpikes in that parish, and praying that these Roads might be put upon the same footing as those north of the metropolis.

Mr. Alderman Wood

said, that, to his knowledge the turnpike-gates were multiplied in such a manner as to be a very great hinderance to travelling through that part of the town; but he did not know how the roads were to be kept in repair unless tolls were taken upon them.

Mr. Croker

recommended the hon. Alderman, when he said that he did not know how the roads were to be kept in repair if turnpike-gates were removed, to look at what had been done at the other side of the metropolis by the consolidation of the northern trusts, a plan which was accomplished by his noble friend (Lord Lowther), and which had proved so economical as to enable the Commissioners to remove a great many of the turnpike-gates, and pay off a considerable portion of the debt fixed on the roads. He was satisfied by that example, that the roads about the metropolis, might be kept in repair at a much less cost than by separate trusts, each of which had an establishment, whereas one might do the whole business if they were connected together. He, therefore, ventured to suggest, particularly to the hon. members for Surrey, whether they did not think the plan he had spoken of could be extended to that part of the town connected with their county.

Mr. Hunt

, in moving that the petition should be printed, would merely observe, that he hoped the subject would attract the attention of Ministers; but he must, at the same time, say, that the consolidation of the northern roads in one trust had not hitherto worked well, for the roads, particularly Pentonville Hill, had been, until recently, nearly impassable under their management.

Petition to be printed.