HC Deb 09 March 1832 vol 11 c32

Bills committed. Dublin Coal Trade; Tobacco (Ireland). Read a third time; Remedies against the Hundred. Read a second time; Civil Courts Bill; (Ireland.)

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Colonel PERCEVAL, of all Fees and Monies paid into the Office of the Clerk of the Crown and Hamper in Ireland, on Magistrates Commissions, and Renewed Commissions, and Writs of dedimus, from 1st January, to 10th March, 1832:—On the Motion of Mr. BURGE, Copies of a Circular Despatch addressed by Viscount GODERICH to the Governors of West-Indian Colonies on the 3rd of June, 1831, and of a Proclamation inclosed therein, to be issued by the Governors in the event of any Excitement or false Impressions being observed amongst the Slaves; and also, Copies of any Correspondence which passed therein between Viscount GODERICH, and the Governor of Jamaica, and Dispatches from the Governor of Jamaica to Viscount GODERICH, conveying Information to the latest period of the recent Rebellion among the Slaves of that Colony, and of any Proclamation issued by the Governor in consequence of that Rebellion.

Petitions presented. By Mr. CALLAGHAN, from the Inhabitants of Whitchurch, against Clergymen and Road Jobbers being in the Commission of the Peace:—By Mr. HEYWOOD, from Operative Manufacturers of Manchester and Heaton; by Lord MORPETH, from the Owners and Occupiers of Woollen Silk and Flax Mills in the Neighbourhood of Leeds, against the Factories Bill:—By Lord MORPETH, from the Inhabitants of Wakefield. By Mr. LENNARD, from the Inhabitants of Chelmsford; and by Mr. LITTLETON, from the Members of the Wolverhampton Political Council, in favour of the Bill:—By Lord MORPETH, from Saddleworth, to enforce British claims on the Government of Brazil. By Lord GEORGE LENNOX, from Agriculturists for the Hundreds of Box, Stockbridge, and Manhood, Sussex, in favour of the Remedies against the Hundred Bill:—By Mr. CHAPMAN, from Landowners and Occupiers of the County of Westmeath, for the Speedy passage of the Reform Bill: and from the Parish of Demifoze, Westmeath, against Tithes:—By Sir M. S. STEWART, from Sir J. Maxwell, of Pollock, that Peers might be created, for Insuring the success of the Reform Bill, and calling upon the House to Address the King, in order that the Royal Prerogative might be exercised for the purpose:—By Mr. LITTLETON, from the Chief Constable, Clergy, Dissenting Ministers, Churchwardens, and principal Inhabitants of Burslem, for the Repeal of so much of the Sale of Beer Act, as permits Beer to be drunk on the premises.