HC Deb 08 March 1832 vol 10 c1306

New Member sworn. THOMAS FRANCIS KENNEDY, Esq., for the Ayr District of Boroughs. Bills. Read a third time; Army and Marine; Mutiny.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Sir JAMES GRAHAM, Copy of a Letter from the Secretary of the Admiralty to the Navy Board, and the Answer thereto respecting the State of the Store Ledgers, and from the same to the same, with the Answer also relating to the Number of Officers and Men discharged and entered in the Dock Yards during the years 1830, and 1831. Report from Vice Admiral Sir Pulteney Malcolm, to the Admiralty respecting the Packet Establishment at Falmouth:—On the Motion of Lord JOHN RUSSELL, of the Population, Assessed Taxes, &c.; of certain Boroughs mentioned in the Boundary Reports:—On the Motion of Mr. HENRY GRATTAN, Account of all Monies Received and Expended, relating to Charlton's Charity (Ireland); and of the different suits instituted by the Commissioners of Charitable donations in Ireland, with all the particulars connected therewith:—On the Motion of Sir JOHN NEWPORT, of the Value of Personal Property in Ireland, passing under Probate, and Letters of Administration, during the Five years, ending the 5th of January last.

Petitions presented. By Mr. HORATIO ROSS, from Persons connected with the Spinning Mills at Arbroath; from the Inhabitants of Dundee; and from the Proprietors of Flax Spinning Mills at the same place:—By Mr. WATSON, from the Inhabitants of Canterbury, in favour of the Bill to Regulate the Labour of Children employed in Factories:—By Mr. THICKNESSE, from the Owners of Spinning and Weaving Mills at Wigan:—By Mr. JOHN THOMAS HOPE, from the Flax Spinners and Manufacturers of Linen Goods, Cupar; and by Mr. MAYHEW, from the Inhabitants of Coggeshall, against the above Bill:—By Mr. LEAKE, from the Corporation and In- habitants of Poole, against the Division of Counties Bill:—By Sir JOHN BURKE, from the Guild of Plasterers, Galway, for the Repeal or Modification of the Stamp duty on the admission of Freemen to Corporations:—By Colonel DAVIES, from the Medical Society of Worcestershire, for the removal of Impediments to the Cultivation of the Science of Anatomy:—By Mr. HORATIO Ross, from the Inhabitants of Arbroath, for the Repeal of the duty on Soap:—By Mr. WELBY, from the Freeholders and Inhabitants of Grantham, against the General Registry Bill:—By Mr. HENRY GRATTAN, from the Inhabitants of the United Parishes of Skreen, Rathfigh, Ardeath, Dunsane, Killeen, Kilmission, and Ballinrobe, against the Tithe System (Ireland):—By Captain JONES, and Mr. LESTER, from the Inhabitants of Bonevar and Wimborne, against the proposed plan of Education for Ireland:—By Captain JONES, from the Magistrates of the City and County of Londonderry, Complaining of the Fees charged upon the renewal of their Commissions:—By Mr. WILKES, from the Members of the Royal Britons Friendly Society, Newport, Isle of Wight, and the Friendly Society of Operatives meeting at the Hole-in-the-Wall, Fleet-street, to amend the Act relating to Friendly Societies:—By Sir JOHN NEWPORT, from the Chamber of Commerce, Waterford, for the better Regulation of the Baking Trade in Ireland.