HC Deb 05 March 1832 vol 10 c1111

Bills brought in. By Lord NUGENT, for the Registration of Births. Read a second time; Navy Civil Departments; Marine Mutiny.

Returns ordered. Of the parts of each County of England and Wales locally separated from the same, specifying their Population, and the Districts and Counties to which they would be annexed under the Reform Bill:—On the Motion of Mr. HENRY GRATTAN, for all accounts relating to the building of the Annesley Bridge when it was begun and finished, the Cost and the Estimates, and the Amount of Tolls and Receipts:—On the Motion of Lord JOHN RUSSELL, an Abstract of the Population, Assessed Taxes, &c.; of the Boroughs contained in parts 1 and 2 of the Boundary Bill:—On the Motion of Mr. STUART WORTLEY, a Return of the Proportions to the Rent or actual Value at which the Parochial Assessments are made in each Parish intended to send Members to Parliament under the Reform Bill.

Petitions presented. By Mr. WILBRAHAM, from 1,700 Inhabitants of Macclesfield, in favour of the Factories Regulation Bill; against the same Bill, from Persons employed at Spring Bank Mill, and Water Mills; King Street Mills, and New Bridge Lane Mills, and Bridge Field Mills, Stockport; Mersey Cotton Mills in Heaton Norris, and of Spinners and Manufacturers of Mottram in Longendale, Chester; from the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of Marple, against the General Registry Bill; from the Freeholders and Inhabitants of Congleton, for the Amendment of the Lighting and Watching Act:—By Sir EDMUND HAYES, from Distillers of the County of Donegal, for the Repeal of the Malt Drawback Duty Bill:—By Mr. WALLACE, from the Persons connected with the Courts of Civil Law (Ireland) that no measure may be passed to regulate those Courts until the Report of the English Commissioners had appeared:—By Mr. ANTHONY LEFROY, from 560 Persons of the Union of Granard, and by Lord COLE, from the Inhabitants of Killoe, against the proposed Plan of Education for Ireland—By Sir JOHN MILLEY DOYLE, from the Guild of Hatters in Galway; and by Mr. HENRY GRATTAN, from the National Trades Political Union, for the Equalization of Civil Rights in Galway:—By Sir JOHN MILLEY DOYLE, from the Inhabitants of Dunleckney and Augha; and by Mr. HENRY GKATTAN, from Inhabitants of Derry Patrick and Navan, for the Abolition of Tithes:—By Mr. HENRY GRATTAN, from the Inhabitants of Derry Patrick, in favour of Reform; and from an Individual, in favour of the Dublin Coal Trade Bill.