HC Deb 20 June 1832 vol 13 c905

Bills. Read a first time:—Representative Peers (Ireland); Tithe Prescription.—Read a second time:—Union of Parishes (Ireland).

Petitions presented. By Colonel PERCEVAL, from Killala, and nine other Places;—by Mr. ANTHONY LEFROY, from Waterford, and three other Places;—by Mr. PIGOTT, from Osmaston by Ashbourn;—by Mr. SINCLAIR, from the Clergy of the Diocess of Exeter, and from Dumbarton; and by Mr. MILLS, from Marden, Kent,—against the Ministerial Plan of Education (Ireland.)—By Mr. O'CONNELL, from Dublin; and by Mr. RUTHVEN, from Newport Pratt, and Tiernar,—in favour of that Plan.—By Sir RICHARD MUSGRAVE, from Cappoquin;—by Mr. O'CONNELL, from Frome Selwood;—by Mr. RUTHVEN, from certain Inhabitants of Dublin; and by Mr. CHICHESTER, from Barnstaple,—for an efficient Reform in Ireland.—By Sir RICHARD MUSGRAVE, from Killrossenty and Rathcormack;—by Mr. RUTHVEN, from eight Places in Ireland; and by Mr. HENRY GRATTAN, from Ardbraccan and Courtown,—against Tithes.—By Sir GEORGE ROBINSON, from Northampton, in favour of the Registration of Births' Bill,—By Sir THOMAS FREEMANTLE, from Winslow;—by Captain BERKELEY, from Bosham:—and by an HON. MEMBER, from Shipley, and two other Places,—for means to employ the Poor.—By Mr. HENRY GRATTAN, from the Birmingham Political Union;—by Mr. O'CONNELL, from the Hull Political Union,—against the Privileges of Parliament Bill.—By Mr. SINCLAIR, from Caithness, for Stopping the Supplies.—By Sir ANDREW AGNEW, from St. Mary, Islington, for a better Observance of the Sabbath.—By Mr. MILLS, from Bristol, for Relief and Compensation to the West-India Interest.—By Sir WILLIAM.GUISE, from Gloucester, for increased Allowances to Coroners.—By Mr. RUTHVEN, from Tuam, for an Equalization of the Elective Franchise.