HC Deb 15 June 1832 vol 13 c737

Papers ordered. On the Motion of Mr. PEACH, an Account of all Sums paid into the Stamp Office for Duty on Insurance from Fire, in London and the Country, for the quarters ending severally on 25th March, 24th June, 29th September, and 25th December, 1831; distinguishing the Amount of the Allowance made to each Office for collecting the same, severally, of 4l. and 5l. per cent, and by what Offices or Persons suds Sums have been paid, together with the Dates of such Payments.

New Writs issued. On the Motion of Mr. SPRING RICE, for Knaresborough, in the room of the Right Hon. Sir JAMES MACKINTOSH, deceased.

Bills. Read a first time:—Party Processions (Ireland); Bribery at Elections; Limitation of Actions.—Read a third time:—Fines and Recoveries; Courtesy of England, Inheritance.

Petitions presented. By Lord OXMANTOWN, from the High Sheriff of King's County, for Re-enacting the Insurrection Act.—By Sir HENRY BUNBURY, from Bury St. Edmund's;—by Lord OXMANTOWN, from four Parishes in Ireland; and by Mr. WYSE, from Clogher,—for a Revision of the Criminal Code.—By Mr. WYSE, from Galway, for Equalizing Civil Rights in that County; from Tipperary, Clonmel, and Rossmore, for an efficient Reform for Ireland; and from three Parishes in Ireland, against Tithes.—By Lord MORPETH, from Knaresborough, to substitute that Place for Ripley as one of the Polling Places for the West Riding.—By Mr. KENNEDY, from Ayr,—for Stopping the Supplies; from Kilmarnock, against any alteration of the Boroughs in Schedule E of the Scotch Reform Bill; and from Inverary, Ayr, and Irvine,—for Alterations in the Scotch Reform Bill.—By Sir GEORGE CLERK, from Dalkeith,—against the Ministerial Plan of Education (Ireland).