HC Deb 08 June 1832 vol 13 cc560-1

Mr. John Campbell moved, that the House should go into Committee upon the Bill to amend the Law relating to Fines and Recoveries.

The Solicitor General

did not mean to oppose the Bill, but he wished his hon. and learned friend would postpone its consideration, as it had come on rather unexpectedly, and several hon. and learned Members, who had wished to give their opinions on some of its details, were now absent.

Mr. John Campbell

said, that the Bill had been postponed so often, that, if he wished to carry it this Session, he must refuse any further delay, and he did so: he was resolved to press it on now.

Mr. Charles W. Wynn

recommended a further postponement, because those hon. and learned Members, who were alone capable of discussing the technical details of the Bill, were now absent.

Mr. O'Connell

thought there was no reason for the postponement of the Committee, for all the advantages were on one side, and there was no dread of disadvantages to balance them. The simple object of the Bill was, to get rid of many useless forms, that not only occasioned expense, but endangered the holder's title to property.

The Bill went through a Committee.

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