HC Deb 31 July 1832 vol 14 c968

On the Motion of Mr. Stanley, the House went into Committee upon the Irish Tithe Composition Bill.

Major Macnamara

said, that he felt it to be his duty to his constituents to resist any attempt to carry the Bill forward in the absence of the Irish Members, and he should, therefore, move that the House be counted.

Mr. Wallace

warmly approved of that proceeding on the part of his hon. friend the member for Clare.

Mr. Stanley

hoped that the hon. Gentleman would not persevere in a motion which would be productive of so much inconvenience to the public business, at the present period of the Session.

Major Macnamara

must persevere in his Motion.

Lord Althorp

said, that, as the object of the hon. Member to postpone the Tithe Bill was on account of the thin attendance of Members in the Committee, perhaps he would consent to the adjournment of the Committee, and allow the other business to proceed.

Major M'Namara assented.

House resumed—Committee to sit again.

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