HC Deb 31 July 1832 vol 14 c989

On the Motion of Mr. Hume, the Order of the Day was read for the Second Reading of the Recorder of Dublin Bill. The hon. Member moved, that the Bill be then read a second time.

Mr. Sinclair

opposed the further progress of the Bill, which he contended, was unjust, and ought not to have been brought forward at this late period of the Session. He moved, "that it be read this day three months."

Sir Charles Forbes

seconded the Amendment. If it were indecent, as the hon. Member said, for the Recorder to ask for votes, was it not indecent for the Lord Advocate to go from house to house in Edinburgh? He considered that the Bill was most unjust, and he would use all his influence to defeat it.

Mr. Warburton

rose, and was proceeding to address the House in support of the Bill, when

Mr. Kearsley

moved, that the House be counted.

House counted out.