HC Deb 30 July 1832 vol 14 cc928-9
Lord William Lennox

said, in consequence of some observations that had been made upon a former evening respecting the conduct of his noble relative, the Postmaster-general, in now taking the salary which for some months he had refused to take, he was anxious to lay before the House the documents connected with the transaction, and which would show it in its proper light. In so doing, he begged to state, he did not mean to impute the slightest blame to those hon. Members who had felt it necessary to allude to his noble relative. The conduct of public men ought to be fully and fairly discussed. Any false impression ought to be removed; and he was happy in having an opportunity of letting the House judge how the case stood. He begged to move for copies of the correspondence between Mr. Spring Rice, by order of the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, and the Postmaster-general.

Mr. Spring Rice

bore testimony that the Duke of Richmond and Lord Privy Seal had only taken the emoluments of their several offices at the special instance of the Treasury, and in pursuance of the Report of a Select Committee.

Mr. Robinson

said, that his only remark was, to express his regret that the noble Duke had ever signified a desire to relinquish the salary attached to his office.

Lord William Lennox

had understood that some sneer had been levelled at his noble relative. He was, unfortunately, not then present. An allusion had been made to the starving peasantry of Goodwood, He was happy no insinuations were made.

Return ordered.

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