HC Deb 24 July 1832 vol 14 c670
Mr. Hume

presented a Petition from the Vestrymen of the parish of St. Marylebone, complaining, that before the establishment of the New Police, they only paid 9,000l. for the watching of the parish, and that they now paid 24,000l., only one-half of which they discovered was really paid for the New Police.

Mr. Lamb

said, that the expense was certainly greater than formerly, but so was the efficiency of the police. Every care would be taken to examine into the expenditure, and no doubt, before the Act was renewed, the whole matter would be placed on a right footing.

Sir John Brydges

praised the efficiency of the new police, and was not surprised that its valuable services cost more than the useless services of the old watchmen. At the same time, if the expense could be diminished, it ought to be.

Mr. Hume

said, that in the city of London the establishment of the new police had occasioned a saving of 11,000l. He did not see why the opposite result should take place on the western side of Temple Bar.

Petition to be printed.

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