HC Deb 02 July 1832 vol 13 c1238

Papers ordered. On the Motion of Mr. GEORGE VERNON, an Account of the mode of appointing Coroners in England and Wales.—On the Motion of Mr. COURTENAY, an Account of the Official and Declared Values of the Exports of British and Irish Produce and Manufactures (exclusive of Cotton Goods) from Great Britain, in each year, from 1798 to 1831, both inclusive, specifying the differences between the Official and Declared Values, and the per tentage of such differences.

Petitions presented. By Mr. HUME, from Whiteehapel, against the Vagrants Removal Bill; from the Bethnal Green Political Union, against the Privileges of Parliament Bill; from the Birmingham Mechanics Institute, against the Taxes on Knowledge; from Thornton, Bangor, and Aisgarth, against the Punishment of Death; and from Newton and Failsworth, for an additional Clause in the Highway Bill.—By Mr. HEYWOOD, from the Coroners of Cheshire, against the Coroners Bill.—By Mr. JOHN BROWN, from three Places in Ireland; and by Mr. CAREW, from two Places,—against Tithes, and for Church Reform.—By the latter HON. MEMBER, from eight Places in Ireland, for an equal and efficient Reform to that Country.—By Mr. HEYWOOD, from Manchester, and other Places, against the Vagrants Removal Bill.—By Mr. WILBRAHAM, from the Workmen in a Manufactory at Salford, in favour of the Factories Regulation Bill.—By Mr. JOHN BROWN, from Mayo, for better regulating the Flax-seed Trade; and from Westport, against the proposed Reduction of the Duty on Hemp.—By Sir ROBERT BATESON, from a Clergyman of Londonderry, against the proposed alteration in the Laws regarding Clandestine Marriages (Ireland).—By Mr. O'CONNOR, from Kilcoman and Robin; and by Mr. JOHN BROWN, from Westport,—in favour of the Ministerial Plan of Education (Ireland).—By Mr. ANTHONY LEFROY, from Killashee and Kilglass;—by Sir ROBERT BATESON, from Antrim, and two other Places;—by Mr. ROBERT A. HONDAS, from the Presbyteries of St. Andrew's and Dunfermline; and by Sir EDMUND HAYES, from nine Places in Ireland,—against that Plan.—By Mr. WASON, from Ipswich, to hold the Assizes for Suffolk alternately at Ipswich and Bury St. Edmund's.—By Mr. PENDARVIS, from Falmouth, for Stopping the Supplies till the Reform Bill be carried.—By Mr. MAXWELL, from Arva, against the Irish Reform Bill