HC Deb 23 February 1832 vol 10 c684

New Writs ordered. On the Motion of Lord NUGENT, for Great Marlow, in the Room of OWEN WILLIAMS, Esq., deceased.

Bill brought in. By Mr. SPRING RICE, to Regulate the Office of High Sheriff, &c.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. PRINGLE, Copies of all Reports or Orders relating to the office of Clerk to the admission of Notaries Exchequer Court (Scotland), with the Amount of Fees paid:—On the Motion of Mr. STANLEY, Copy of a Letter from the Chief Secretary for Ireland to the Duke of LEINSTER, on the formation of the Board of Education in Ireland:—On the Motion of Mr. MILLS, Account of all Monies expended on the Palaces of Hampton Court and Kensington, during the years 1828, 1820, 1830, and 1831, with the Estimates of such Repairs in the year 1831:—On the Motion of Mr. LAMB, Report on the Metropolitan Districts for the future Election of Members of Parliament; Report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the practice of the Ecclesiastical Courts of England and Wales; the total Amount unissued, on 1st January, 1832, of the Supplies granted by Parliament for the Army, Navy, Ordnance, and Miscellaneous Services, respectively, for the year 1831; together with the Amount of the demands outstanding for Charges incurred under each of those Heads at the same period, shewing the Balance of Supply unissued under each Head, after deducting those demands; of the value of Foreign Corn and Meal, imported each year, from the year ending 5th January, 1815, to 5th January, 1852, distinguishing the Amount Imported from the British Colonies and from Ireland; of the Exports of Cotton Goods, for the last six years, ending January 5th, 1832, distinguishing Cotton Twist and Yarn, and specifying each year the increase and decrease of the real compared with the Official Value; a like Account of the Export of Printed Cotton Goods for the same period; Account of the Importation and Exportation of Raw Cotton for the same period; of the Number and Amount of the Seizures of Silk Goods, from 5th January, 1815, to 5th January, 1826; distinguishing each year, with the respective Amount of Penalties, whether by compromise or otherwise; Specification of the Seizures of Silk Goods, from 5th January, 1826, to 5th January, 1832; distinguishing each year, with the respective Penalties, whether by compromise or otherwise; Return of the Annual Importations of all other Foreign Manufactured Articles, from 5th January, 1826, to 5th January, 1832, the Importation of which was to that time prohibited; distinguishing the Amount of Watches and Jewellery, and Gloves and Shoes; together with the Amount of Seizures made of such Articles.

Petitions presented. By Captain JONES, from the Presbyterian Congregation of Ballykelly, against the proposed new System of Education for Ireland:—By Mr. HUNT, for an extensive measure of Reform in Parliament, from the Kidderminster Political Union; from Sculcoates Union, and Macclesfield, for inquiring into the Manchester Massacre of August, 1819; and from the Operatives of Oldham, for an Inquiry into the Cases of the Deacles:—By Colonel EVANS, from Medical Practitioners of the Metropolis, for an Inquiry into the Asiatic Cholera; and from certain Persons at Hythe, against Folkestone and other places being joined to Hythe, in the return of a Member:—By Mr. LAWLBY, from Nuneaton, Childers, Coton, and Bedworth, against the Importation of Foreign Silks:—By an HON. MEMBER, from the Landowners and Inhabitants of Bridgwater, of Huntspill, within the Hundred of North Peverton, Somerset, and of Owners of Real Property in Wisbeach By Mr. SPRING RICE, from Inhabitants of Teynmouth, Against the General Registry Bill:—By Mr. GREEN, from the Inhabitants of Lancaster, in favour of the Anatomy Bill:—By an HON. MEMBER, for provision in the Reform of Parliament (Ireland), Bill, for the peculiar Franchise of Galway; of Roman Catholic Magistrates, Free Burgesses, and Merchants of Galway; of the Guild of Stone-cutters of Galway; and of Householders of Galway, for the modification of the Stamp Duty on the admission of Freemen to Corporations:—By Mr. SHAW, from the Hibernian Marine Society in Dublin, for Continuance of the Grant to that Institution; from the Rev. John Benjamin M'Crea, for the Exclusion of Roman Catholic Members from the House, and for the Banishment of Jesuits; from the Corporation of Shoemakers, Dublin, against the Reform of Parliament (Ireland) Bill, and of Attornies and Solicitors of Ireland, for discontinuance of the Stamp Duty on their Certificates:—By Mr. ADEANE, from the Commissioners of Sewers of the Eastern parts of the County of Kent, and Owners and Occupiers of low grounds within those limits, in favour of the Sewers Bill:—By Mr. WESTERN, from Romford, in favour of the Factories Bill; and from the Inhabitants of Petersfield, and of Alton, Hants:—By Mr. SPRING RICE, from Limerick, for an Increased Number of Representatives for Ireland.