HC Deb 20 February 1832 vol 10 c527

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. DIXON, of each Quarantine Station in the United Kingdom, the Number of Ships at each on the 1st December, 1831, 1st January, and 1st and 15th February, 1832, with the particulars of the Establishments, and the Cost of each;of the Monthly Expenses incurred by Government for preventing the spread of Cholera, and of the manner in which 1,934l. charged on that account was expended; of the Number of Officers of the Navy and Marines, who have been promoted by Brevet since the Accession of the present King, and the like Account for all Officers of the Army and Ordnance; of the Number of Gallons of Proof Spirits made in the United Kingdom, that paid Duty for Home Consumption, from 5th January, 1831, to 5th January, 1832, with the Rate and Amount of Duty for each Kingdom; and of the Number of Gallons of Foreign Spirits that paid Duty during the same time, with the Rate and Amount:—On the Motion of Mr. SPRING RICE, of the Number of Gallons of Spirits Imported from Scotland into Ireland, from 1st January, 1827, to 1st January, 1832, distinguishing the quantity and quality in each year, and of the Amount of all Duties paid on Spirits distilled in Ireland and Scotland, from 1st January, 1829, to 1st January, 1832, distinguishing the Sum paid by each Kingdom, and the kinds and qualities of Spirits, and the Amount of Duty in each year.

Petitions presented. By Mr. SHAW, from the Inhabitants of the Northern part of the County of Dublin, complaining of the Amount of the Turnpike Tolls, and praying for Relief, and from the Rope-makers of Galway, for the peculiar privileges of that place to be provided for by the Irish Reform Bill:—By Sir JOHN MALCOLM, from Launceston, in favour of the Factories Bill:—By Mr. H. Ross, from the Linen, Woollen, and Cotton Manufacturers of Montrose, against some of the provisions of the Factories Bill:—By Colonel WOOD, from the Inhabitants of Merthyr Tydvil, praying for the privilege of sending a Member to Parliament for that place:—By Mr. CROKER, from Dr. M'lntyre, against the calculations of Lieutenant Drummond.