HC Deb 17 February 1832 vol 10 cc525-6
Mr. Stanley

brought up the Report of the Select Committee on the tithe of Ireland, and moved "That it do lie on the table."

Mr. Sheil

inquired whether it was not to be read?

Mr. Stanley

answered, that he meant merely to move, that the Report should lie on the Table and be printed. On the recommendation of the Committee ulterior proceedings would be founded, which of course would be fully discussed.

Mr. Henry Grattan

said, that so far as he knew of the report it was unjust, unsatisfactory, and premature. In his opinion church property should be appropriated to its original purposes, the chief of which was, the relief of the poor. By taking that course, three emergencies would be avoided—namely, the introduction of Poor-laws into Ireland, which was a matter of very questionable policy; next, the enforcement of the Vestry Bill; and lastly, the infliction of church-rates.

The Report to be printed.