HC Deb 10 February 1832 vol 10 c190

New Member sworn. Sir JOHN HOBHOUSE, Re-elected for Westminster.

Bills brought in. By Mr. SPRING RICE, for raising a Sum of Money by Exchequer-bills for the Service of the year 1832, for continuing certain Duties on Personal Estates, Offices, and Pensions, for the Service of the year 1832, to apply certain Sums, called Transfers of Aids, to the Service of the year 1832, and to authorize the payment of a Sum for the Erection of Public Buildings at Liverpool.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. SPRING RICE, of the quantity of Foreign and Colonial Wheat, and the Duty paid thereon, entered for Home Consumption, during the year 1831, and the quantity of each remaining in Warehouse, on the 1st of January, 1832, and the total quantity Imported during the year 1831; of the Number of Half Pay Officers employed in Civil Departments, and the Amount of their respective Salaries:—On the Motion of Mr. HUME, an Account of all the Buildings in the Royal Parks, and all other Houses and Buildings belonging to the Public, with the Names of the Occupiers, and whether they are charged to the Assessed Taxes or Parochial Rates; of the Number of Cases decided by each of the Sheriffs Depute in Scotland during the last five years; of the Number of Cases decided in the Court of Session between 1st January, 1828, and 1st January, 1831; and of the Salaries, Fees, and Emoluments of the Judges and Officers of the Court, and the Sums of Money employed in the Repair of the Buildings in each of the years 1830, and 1831; of the Number of District Surveyors and their Names, Dates of Appointments, and Emoluments, of the Number of New Buildings erected in each district, and of the Number of Informations filed, and Surcharges made:—On the Motion of Mr. STANLBY, of the Name of every Parish in Ireland, in which an Agreement had been made under the Composition Act, distinguishing Tithes held by Ecclesiastical, or Lay Impropriators, and the Amount of Composition in each case:—On the Motion of Sir GEORGE CLERK, a Statement of the Receipt and Expenditure of the Royal Navy, between 1st January, and 31st December, 1831, and the like Account of Money Voted by Parliament, and Expended for Victualling the Navy.

Petitions presented. By Lord ALTHORP, from a Friendly Benefit Society, Newport, Isle of Wight, for Amendment of the Act 10th George 4th:—By Mr. HUNT, from the Cotton Spinners of Preston, in favour of the Bill for Limiting the Labour of Children in Factories.