HC Deb 08 February 1832 vol 10 c63

Bill. Read a second time; Ecclesiastical Lands Exchange.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Lord MILTON, of all Articles of Silks, and other Materials mixed with Silk, Exported, Imported, and brought into Consumption for the years 1830, and 1831:—On the Motion of Sir ROBERT INGLIS, of the Area, or Number of Square Feet of Surface of one Copy of each of the daily Newspapers printed in London during the year 1831, including the Supplementary, or Extra Sheets, together with the Amount of Stamp Duty actually paid on one Copy of each Newspaper, and the rate of such payment for each 100 Square Feet of Area:—On the Motion of Mr. SPRING RICE, of the principle Sums paid in, and drawn for, by the Trustees of Savings Banks and Benefit Societies, in Great Britain and Ireland, from 2nd July, 1831, to 28th January, 1832, inclusive; and an Account showing the Amount of Life Annuities which existed on the 5th January, 1828; the Sum actually issued in the four quarters of the year, 1851, for the payment of Life Annuities, and those for a term of years; also the Perpetual Annuities received in consideration for the said Annuities, and the Excess of Charge created by granting the same for Lives and years subsequent to 5th January, 1828.

Petitions presented. Against the General Registry Act. By Mr. POLLOCK, from Huntingdon. By Mr. STRICKLAND, from Dewsbury, Hebden Bridge, Heptenstall, Wadsworth, and Errington; and by Mr. BLAMIRE, from Wigton, Maryport, Cross Cannonby, and Scaleby:—By Mr. O'CONNOR, from Galway, praying that their Franchise might be preserved under the Irish Reform Bill;—Lord BRABAZON, from the County of Dublin, in favour of the English Reform Bill:—By Mr. O'CONNELL, from Shoreham, to curtail the Labour of Children in Factories.