HC Deb 02 February 1832 vol 9 c1184

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. JEPHSON, Copies of the Charters granted by Elizabeth and James 1st to the University of Dublin. On the Motion of Mr. HUME, the number of Informations, since 5th July, 1822, lodged at the Police Offices against the Coffee-house Keepers, under Act 3rd George 4th, cap. 55, and subsequent Acts; stating the amount of Penalties levied, and how applied; of the various Corps of Yeomanry Infantry in England and Wales, stating the date when first embodied, the names of the Com- manding Officers, their complement of Men, and the Annual Expenses of each Corps; of the amount of Rate made, and the Money actually levied, up to this time, by the Surveyors appointed under the Act 13th George 3rd, cap. 78, for the repair of the Public Roads of the Parish of Clerkenwell, for the year 1831–2, commencing on the 20th of November, 1831: also, an account of the Amount Expended for the said Repairs; specifying the Amounts under the heads of Salaries, Materials, and Labour; also, the date and abstract of all Contracts entered into by the said Surveyors for repairing the said Roads, stating the Names of the Parties to each contract; also, a Return of the Amount which would be raised in the year by a Sixpenny Rate on the Parish of Clerkenwell, as directed by the Act aforesaid; of the amount of Excise duty collected on each description of Bricks and Tiles in England and Scotland in the year 1831:—On the Motion of Mr. POULETT THOMSON, the number of Goat Skins, and Kid and Lamb Skins, (distinguishing them) on which Duty has been paid, for Home Consumption, in each year, from 1820 to 1831, inclusive.