HC Deb 09 August 1832 vol 14 c1302

On the Motion of Lord John Russell, this Bill was read a third time.

On the motion that it do pass,

Mr. Weyland

proposed a Clause to be added by way of rider, declaring that every Candidate who should pay any part of the expense of registration of voters should be hold guilty of bribery.

Lord John Russell

said, the clause was merely applied to another description of bribery, and he was unwilling to clog the Bill with any further provisions to guard against its effects.

Mr. Hume

supported the clause. The practice it sought to prevent was already beginning to prevail, and an enactment against it might check it at once.

Mr. C. W. Wynn

was opposed to the clause, because it made bribery that which was never bribery before.

Mr. Courtenay

said, the question now mooted was of so much importance, that the noble Lord ought to take at least twenty-four hours to consider of it, and the Bill ought to be postponed.

The Clause negatived; and the Bill passed.